WATCH: Tourist reaches to feed a giraffe – you will never guess what happens next

A funny video of a tourist feeding a giraffe has gone viral on the internet. The video footage, taken in a zoo at an unknown location, takes a surprising turn. The female holidaymaker is casually dressed for a hot climate wearing a black T-shirt and denim shorts. She stands in front of a tall giraffe […]

Embrace Your Wild Side As A Giraffe, Ostrich, And More In Zooicide

Zooicide is a team-based multiplayer games that pits human against animal. Perhaps you would like to hunt the ferocious animals as the strong human – armed to the teeth with explosives and weaponry. If that option isn’t for you, whip out your long tongue as a Giraffe and slap the humans across the face. Zooicide […]

This Viral Giraffe is Dead, So Feel Free to Give Up Hope Now

Have you seen this adorable photo of a baby giraffe getting a kiss from its mother? The picture has gone viral in the past few days. Steve Van Zandt, the famous Sopranos actor and musician, tweeted it yesterday with the caption, “And just when you’re ready to give up hope…” [embedded content] Well, the mother […]

After months of waiting, YouTube star April the giraffe finally gave birth to a healthy male calf

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — The wait is over for April the giraffe and her legions of fans. Before an online audience of more than a million viewers, April gave birth to a healthy male calf Saturday at the Animal Adventure Park in New York. Tweet Embed: is well!💋#aprilandherbaby The 15-year-old giraffe delivered her calf […]

April the giraffe – forget the LIVE stream, Hilton hotel offering EXCLUSIVE zoo package

April the giraffe is keeping the world waiting for the arrival of her precious calf – and thousands tune into a live stream in the animal’s enclosure every day to check for updates.  But if you were a real April fan, you’d consider this impressive hotel deal.  The DoubleTree by Hilton in Binghamton, New York, […]

April The Giraffe: This Morning zookeeper makes bold accusation over mother

April has captured the hearts of millions since she became the star of her very own live stream, hoping to capture the moment she finally gives birth to her already infamous offspring.  Mother giraffe’s can carry their young for up to 15 months, but April was beaten to the post by a rare Rothschild giraffe […]

100k viewers tune in to giraffe birth livestream at NY zoo (VIDEO)

Published time: 2 Mar, 2017 21:43 Over 100,000 people have now tuned in to a livestream of April, the giraffe who is due to give birth at a New York zoo any minute. Aside from a minor, and bizarre, setback for allegedly showing “sexually explicit content”, April has been captivating her curious audience with her […]