Suits Boss Talks Harvey's Big Epiphany, Previews the Final-Season Aftermath

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s Suits finale.  It’s finally happening: Suits‘ Season 8 finale concluded with a steamy hookup between… Harvey and Donna! The long-awaited moment came after a series of events that led Harvey — who was at risk of being disbarred — to realize what’s been in front of him all […]

Russia’s Putin strips down, dunks himself in freezing waters to mark Orthodox Christian Epiphany

Thomson Reuters Russian President Vladimir Puting stripped down to his trunks and dunked himself in freezing water in an Orthodox Christian ritual to mark the feast of Epiphany. The temperature was -6 C or -21 F. Putin is up for reelection in March, and widely expected to beat out the communist party. MOSCOW (Reuters) – […]