Mighty Ducks: Emilio Estevez to Return as Coach Bombay in Disney+ Series

RELATED STORIES Lauren Graham will have some familiar help in bringing the Mighty Ducks back to notoriety. As we hinted Wednesday, Emilio Estevez will reprise his iconic role as Coach Gordon Bombay in Disney+’s forthcoming series reboot of The Mighty Ducks. He will star opposite Graham, who will play the team’s new coach. The project — which […]

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Emilio Rivera Opens Up About ‘Mayans MC,’ Which ‘SOA’ Characters May Cameo

Emilio Rivera is returning to Kurt Sutter’s biker world in a big way. The actor is set to star in Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans MC, as the leader of SAMCRO’s biggest rival gang, the Mayans. What did Rivera say about the coming spin-off? Latina is reporting that Rivera admitted that it was hard […]