‘The CIA is listening & may kill me’: Duterte mulls ditching his smartphone

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is thinking of dumping his smartphone over fears that the CIA is constantly eavesdropping on his conversations and might use his private information to eventually assassinate him. “I know, the US is listening. I’m sure it’s the CIA, it’s also the one who will kill me,” Duterte said in Cebu City […]

‘God’ agreed to send all victims of extrajudicial killings to heaven, Duterte claims

All victims of extrajudicial killings will get a free pass to heaven, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announced after purportedly consulting with “God” on the issue. Speaking at the opening of a drug rehabilitation center on Friday, the eccentric Philippines leader disclosed that he had “asked God” for “all the victims of extrajudicial killings” to go […]

Duterte will ‘go to war’ if China crosses ‘red lines,’ Philippine FM claims

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is ready to go to war with Beijing if it crosses ‘red lines’ and unilaterally claims natural resources in the disputed South China Sea, the country’s foreign minister has warned. The Philippines will go to war to protect its rights in the South China Sea, Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter […]

‘Want to live longer? Stay in jail,’ Duterte tells drug suspects

Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines leader known for his fiery rants and brutal war on drugs, has made a thinly veiled threat to drug dealers, suggesting they find a way to stay in jail if they want to stay alive. The Philippines president, who came to power on the back of his promise to eradicate a […]

‘If my plane explodes, ask CIA’: Duterte denies seeking alliance with China & Russia against US

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t ruling out that the US might be very annoyed by his decision to procure weapons from China and Russia, after Washington refused to supply Manila with arms, and considers Duterte a threat. The Philippines has been seeking modern weapons and small arms to step up combat against ISIS-linked Islamists, ever […]

Boracay tourist BAN: President Duterte closes island over ‘environmental violations'

Boracay Island in the Philippines is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. However, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has issued a six-month tourist ban for the island.  The island will be off-limited to holidaymakers for the duration of this time while a thorough clean-up of the island is initiated.  The island will close […]

Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte slammed the International Criminal Court as backed by a bunch of ‘white idiots’

REUTERS/Erik De Castro Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte slammed the International Criminal Court, who are leading an investigation into his bloody war on drugs, as it is part of the “white idiots in the EU.” Duterte urged other nations to “get out” of their membership with the ICC because it is a “rude” organization.  The ICC began […]

‘Throw them to crocodiles!’ Duterte tells soldiers not to cooperate with UN human rights probe

Rodrigo Duterte has once again harshly lashed out at UN human rights officials planning to probe alleged extrajudicial killings in his war on drugs, and claimed full responsibility for the “lawful” actions of law enforcers. This latest vulgar outburst against the international human rights officials comes a day after UN High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al […]

Philippines’ Duterte tells personnel not to cooperate with any investigation into his bloody war on drugs

Thomson Reuters Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte told security personnel not to participate in any probes against his bloody war on drugs. In 2016, the Philippines government formally invited the UN rights rapporteur Agnes Callamard to investigate Duterte’s controversial killings. Duterte back peddled in 2017, and said he would only cooperate if a probe was not led by Callamard. […]

Philippines summons US envoy to clarify ‘threat to democracy’ black mark on Duterte

The US envoy in Manila has been summoned in anger and the Phillipines’ embassy in the US told to give an “accurate picture” of their country to US intelligence, after a report flagged the Filipino leader as a threat to democracy. Last week, the US intelligence community, in their Worldwide Threat Assessment report, listed President […]