Japanese Folklore-Inspired ‘Rising Dusk’ Pushes Players To Ignore Coin-Collecting Instincts

Grabbing coins and hopping over cliffs is just what you do in platformers, for some reason. Rising Dusk wants you to ignore that instinct, though, as for every coin you collect, things will get a little bit more challenging throughout the game’s Japanese folklore-inspired stages. Rising Dusk takes you to a land of grinning, troublesome […]

Chevrolet Prepares for the Long Night with 2018 Colorado ZR2 Midnight and Dusk Editions

– After taking the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 off-roading in both V-6 and turbo-diesel forms, we can attest to its rough-terrain proficiency. It’s looks don’t really match its attitude, however, as it’s basically a regular Colorado with a hood scoop and a front-bumper skid plate. That’s improving at least a bit, however, as Chevrolet has announced the […]