Google Maps street view car causes disturbance on quiet country road when THIS happens

Google Maps Street View has caught a terrified horse leaving its rider’s life in turmoil. The animal became spooked when the camera appeared to take its live action images, making what appeared to be a peaceful countryside canter into something more sinister. The tan-coloured horse and its rider, who looks to be a female, started […]

Dementia symptoms: Sleep disturbance is a ‘common’ sign of dementia with lewy bodies

DEMENTIA signs and symptoms occur when problems in the brain cause the condition to develop. There are several different types, including Alzheimer’s disease, the most common, vascular dementia and dementia with lewy bodies. This could be an early warning sign of the condition.

Dementia symptoms: Sleep disturbance is a ‘common’ sign of dementia with lewy bodies

Dementia with lewy bodies is the third most common type of the condition describing a reduction in brain function. Signs and symptoms of this dementia can be caused by clumps of protein forming in the brain, known as lewy bodies. These damage brain cells, and tend to appear in areas of the brain involved with […]

Passenger disturbance forces Beijing-bound Delta Air Lines flight to return to Seattle

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson SEATTLE (Reuters) – A Delta Air Lines flight bound for Beijing returned to Seattle on Thursday after a passenger in the first-class cabin assaulted a crew member before being subdued by other travelers, a Seattle-Tacoma International Airport spokesman said. Two people were sent for medical treatment for non-life-threatening injuries after the plane landed safely shortly […]