Diablo IV’s public beta will start in early 2023

Blizzard plans to invite some of its most dedicated fans to play Diablo IV in the coming weeks. The studio shared details about its upcoming end game closed beta test on Monday. Using “specific gameplay data,” Blizzard will select players who have recently spent “significant” time with the post-story experiences found in Diablo II: Resurrected […]

I’m still worried about Diablo IV’s cosmetic-only microtransactions

Enlarge / Get your premium currency ready. (credit: Blizzard) A couple of weeks ago, Blizzard published a long-awaited update about its upcoming action role-playing game Diablo IV. The post shared some new information about how seasons will work and explained how the company plans to shake up the metagame by continuously releasing new content. But […]

Engadget UK giveaway: Win a ‘Diablo III’ edition Switch courtesy of Blizzard

‘Tis the season to wear silly jumpers, consume too much of everything and spend cold weekends catching up on all the games you didn’t play over summer. And this week, to stave off boredom during the long nights, we’re giving away a limited edition Diablo III Nintendo Switch thanks to our friends at Blizzard. The […]

Diablo Immortal on phones, WarCraft 3: Reforged top BlizzCon’s announcements

Enlarge (credit: Blizzard Entertainment) Announcements of a brand-new, smartphone-only Diablo and a remastered WarCraft 3 headlined a news-filled BlizzCon keynote presentation on Friday. The talk focused on games across Blizzard Entertainment’s portfolio—along with a huge freebie from its corporate siblings at Bungie. Starting today, that developer’s Destiny 2 is now free to claim on Windows […]

‘Diablo III’ on Switch is a comprehensive, faithful port

Rumors were swirling for weeks ahead of Blizzard’s heavily hyped Diablo announcement on Wednesday. Were we to see a potential spin off series, perhaps an all-new sequel to the long-running franchise? Nope, because Diablo III is coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall. In fact, Blizzard is bringing all of Diablo III to the Switch […]

Blizzard confirms “multiple Diablo projects” in production, news by end of 2018

Enlarge / Necromancer-themed art from Diablo III‘s last expansion. (credit: Blizzard) A brief Wednesday video from Blizzard Entertainment confirmed some not-very-surprising news: the company is still working on the Diablo series. Today’s hint was the first to confirm “multiple Diablo projects” in production, however, with a tease of a larger reveal by year’s end. “The […]

It Lurks Below mixes David Brevik’s Diablo with Terraria’s sandbox

Diablo creator David Brevik is finally ready to show off what he’s been working on for two years at his indie studio Graybeard Games. It Lurks Below is a sandbox game that takes its cue from Re-Logic’s Terraria in both gameplay and style. Two hundred players will have access to its closed beta from Friday to […]

Diablo 3 Season 12 start date and launch times CONFIRMED: New PS4, PC, Xbox One news

Having skipped another Blizzcon event, Diablo 3 fans may be feeling a little left out. Blizzard’s other major franchises had big news revealed in Anaheim last week, with only a very small amount of panel time dedicated to Diablo. However, the big news this week is the Diablo 3 Season 12 start date and launch […]

The ‘Diablo winds’ explain why the fires burning California’s wine country became so destructive

California Highway Patrol/Golden Gate Division via Reuters A series of fires in Northern California’s wine country is shaping up to be one of the worst firestorms in state history. An estimated 20,000 people have fled the Sonoma and Napa valleys, as well as surrounding counties, as the fire races across fields and freeways. More than […]