FCC to fight space debris by requiring satellite disposal in 5 years or less

Enlarge / Artist’s impression of low Earth-orbit satellites like those launched by SpaceX and OneWeb. (credit: NOIRLab / NSF / AURA / P. Marenfeld) The Federal Communications Commission has a plan to minimize space junk by requiring low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to be disposed no more than five years after being taken out of […]

TV Ratings: Debris Drops in Week 2, Bachelor and The Voice Top Night

In the latest TV show ratings, NBC’s The Voice this Monday drew 7.4 million viewers and a 1.0 demo rating, dipping week-to-week yet dominating the night in total audience. (Read recap.) Leading out of that, Debris (3.4 mil/0.4) dropped 23 and 33 percent in Week 2. Over on ABC, The Bachelor (4.9 mil/1.2, read recap) […]

NBC Details Plans for Debris, La Brea, Da Vinci Code Prequel and Other Pilots

RELATED STORIES One week after detailing its plan for the 2020-21 TV season, NBC has shed light on the status of the assorted pilots that were hoping to be in contention for a spot on the schedule. Debris — in which Jonathan Tucker’s CIA analyst (Kingdom) and Riann Steele’s (NCIS: New Orleans) MI6 agent investigate the […]

21 bodies pulled from debris of building partially destroyed by house blast in Russia

More bodies were recovered from the rubble of a 10-story residential building in Russia’s Urals, partially destroyed on New Year’s Eve by an explosion. The official death toll has now jumped to 21. The figure keeps growing as rescue teams attempt to clear all the rubble left by the collapsed structure in the city of […]

Demolition gone wrong? Debris flung at busy road as multi-story building collapses (VIDEO)

An ominous black cloud engulfing the road and debris raining from above were not what drivers, waiting out a demolition of a Moscow roadside business center, expected when they captured it on video. Scary footage showing a high-rise business center in northeastern Moscow going down in seconds has been making rounds online. The toppling tower […]

Bad break: Brad Gushue's rock picks on debris and Brad Jacobs capitalizes for win

OTTAWA — Brad Gushue calls it one of the worst picked rocks in his career.  Facing three Brad Jacobs’ stones in the third end, Gushue’s last shot picked debris on the ice and came to a screeching halt. It led to a steal of three for Jacobs. It gave him a 4-0 lead. Game over. Jacobs cruised to […]

SpaceX and OneWeb broadband satellites raise fears about space debris

(credit: OneWeb) Thousands of new satellites are expected to be launched into low-Earth orbit in the coming years to provide high-speed broadband, and the projects have caused concern for experts and government officials who worry about a worsening space debris problem. As the Federal Communications Commission considers satellite applications from SpaceX, OneWeb, Boeing, and others, […]

Japanese coastal species rode tsunami debris to the US

Enlarge / A mussel-covered vessel that washed ashore in Washington. (credit: Russ Lewis) Well after the massive 2011 tsunami that swept across the Japanese coast, reminders of the event started appearing on the US-side of the Pacific. Various forms of debris, ranging from small hunks of plastic up to entire boats, made appearances on the […]

Trump increases federal funding for debris removal after Harvey

Thomson Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump on Saturday authorized an increase in the level of federal funding for debris removal and emergency protective measures as a result of Hurricane Harvey to 90 percent from 75 percent, the White House said. “President Trump increased cost sharing to 90 percent federal funding for debris […]