BBC Dad’s Army row: Hysterical Remainers claimed TV sitcom caused Brexit

Su Pollard fondly remembers Dad’s Army writer Jimmy Perry Fans of the classic sitcom were left baffled after the broadcaster issued a “discriminatory language warning” before replaying the Dad’s Army film from 1971. The film, which stars the likes of Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring, follows the ageing Home Guard platoon’s formation, and subsequent trials […]

Paul Gascoigne chokes up over late dad’s stolen watch in heartbreaking plea after break-in

“Let’s hope Paul’s luck changes and he gets his property back – All the best Gazza,” someone else added. While a fourth said: “Poor Gazza bless him. Give him his watch back.” The police suspect Paul’s home may have been targeted after Piers uploaded a photo of the ex-footballer during the filming of Life Stories, […]

Council of Dads: Grade the Premiere

RELATED STORIES NBC convened its Council of Dads this Tuesday night, with a sneak preview airing more than a month ahead of its Thursdays-at-8/7c premiere. Will you (remember to) follow the family drama to its regular home? Inspired by Bruce Feiler’s book of the same name, Council of Dads‘ verrrrry table-setty pilot opens up in […]

Don’t panic! Dad’s Army proves to be as good as it was

Cold Feet’s Robert Bathurst was perfect as Sergeant Wilson and Kevin McNally wasn’t far off as pompous Captain Mainwaring; although Mathew Horne as Private Walker did occasionally feel more like a subdued Brian Conley than James Beck’s immortal spiv. Using the original Jimmy Perry and David Croft-penned scripts, Mercury Productions remade three long-lost episodes of […]

Bryce Dallas Howard Directing ‘Dads’ Documentary About Fatherhood Across the Globe

Bryce Dallas Howard grew up in show business. Not only is her father famed director Ron Howard (seen above with Bryce as a baby), but her grandfather was actor Rance Howard. But for an upcoming project, the Jurassic World franchise star will get behind the camera and turn the lens on more typical fathers. Imagine […]

Manifest Recap: My Two Dads

Did NBC’s Manifest just go an episode without raising any distinct, new questions or adding a fresh wrinkle to the main mystery? I’m not saying that it isn’t allowed to hold pat for a week, or more. It’s just that I, for one, still await the drop of a big ol’ shoe, especially as November […]

My dad’s army pals

Dads Army cast (Image: BBC) IT was the sitcom that made catchphrases of lines such as “We’re all doomed!”, “They don’t like it up ‘em”, and “Don’t panic!” Home Guard classic Dad’s Army, which first appeared on the BBC on July 31, 1968 ran for nine series and 80 episodes and drew audiences of more […]

Dad’s courage in prostate cancer battle has been an inspiration

“It was one of the most amazing days of my life,” recalls Gemma, 34. “The sun was shining. Everyone chatted as they walked. It was special because at that point we all felt dad had overcome prostate cancer and we could celebrate.”  But their relief was short-lived. Last September the family were devastated to discover […]