EU copyright laws face uncertain fate after 11 countries reject proposal

Internet giants like Google might breathe a little easier in Europe… at least, for now. The EU has called off January 21st negotiations for a final vote on the controversial Copyright Directive after 11 countries, including Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, said they wouldn’t support the latest version of the proposal. European Parliament Member Julia […]

AT&T steps up copyright enforcement, kicks customers off network

Enlarge / The entrance to an AT&T store in San Francisco, California. (credit: Getty Images | Robert Alexander ) AT&T is terminating the broadband service of more than a dozen customers who were accused multiple times of copyright infringement, according to a report by Axios today. “It’s the first time AT&T has discontinued customer service […]

Tesla clears the air with “farting unicorn” artist after copyright stink

Enlarge (credit: Elon Musk) Tom Edwards, a Colorado-based potter who designed a “farting unicorn” mug that Tesla CEO Elon Musk became enamored with, announced last Friday that the two sides had reached an “agreement” over the use of the image. No terms were disclosed. “It’s clear there were some misunderstandings that led to this escalating, […]

Pepe’s creator sues Infowars, claiming new poster infringes copyright

(credit: Furie v. Infowars) Matt Furie, the creator of the Pepe the Frog cartoon character, has now sued Infowars, alleging that a poster for sale on the conspiracy-minded website infringes his copyright. The poster contains the frog’s likeness alongside President Donald Trump and other conservative political allies, including Infowars’ founder, Alex Jones. The lawsuit, which was filed […]

How a fight over Star Wars download codes could reshape copyright law

We’re as stunned as you are, Rey. (credit: Lucasfilm) A federal judge in California has rejected Disney’s effort to stop Redbox from reselling download codes of popular Disney titles like Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and the latest Star Wars movies. Judge Dean Pregerson’s Tuesday ruling invoked the little-used doctrine of copyright misuse, which holds […]

Embedding a tweet could violate copyright

If you’ve ever embedded a tweet on your blog, that could be a copyright violation, according to a New York federal court ruling. Numerous sites, including Time, Yahoo (which is part of Oath, Engadget’s parent company), Vox and Breitbart published stories with an embedded tweet containing an image of NFL star Tom Brady. The tweet […]

Google will make copyright credits more apparent in image searches

Google has reached a deal to end Getty Images’ European complaint over photo copyrights, and it’s quite likely that you’ll notice the effects. A new agreement between the two will see Google obtain a “multi-year” license for Getty’s photos in its products in exchange for reforming its approach to copyright in image search. Google will […]

Hollywood says it’s not planning another copyright extension push

Enlarge / The copyright for the first Mickey Mouse film, Steamboat Willie, is scheduled to expire in 2024, though Disney would still hold a trademark for the Mickey Mouse brand. One guaranteed result: lots of work for lawyers. (credit: Aurich Lawson) On January 1, 2019, every book, film, and song published in 1923 will fall […]