Worst Cooks in America Season Pulled After Winner’s Arrest for Child Murder

RELATED STORIES Food Network has pulled all content related to Season 20 of Worst Cooks in America, following the arrest of winner Ariel Robinson for a child’s death. Robinson, 29, along with husband Jerry Robinson, 34, face counts of homicide by child abuse for the death of their adopted three-year-old daughter, reports TV news station […]

Inspiring chef cooks up a posh bistro in rundown town centre

Now Gary Usher has turned his attention to revamping an old betting shop into a posh eatery. The chef’s mission to launch Pinion in Prescot, Merseyside – the first restaurant to open there for 30 years – features in a Channel 4 documentary. Cameras follow Gary as he crowdfunds cash, facing scepticism from locals and […]

Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour found off the coast of Rhode Island

Enlarge (credit: Archives New Zealand) 250 years ago, Captain Cook and naturalist Sir Joseph Banks set sail in HMS Endeavour to find the rumored southern continent (of course, indigenous Australians had known about it for tens of thousands of years at that point). In 1770, the voyage arrived at Botany Bay, on the Australian coast, as […]

Apple’s iOS update frequency has increased 51% under Cook’s management

GUEST: The Telugu “text bomb” bug sounds like an Apple user’s nightmare: you get a message containing a particular character from the Indian language of Telugu, and your iPhone’s messaging apps and WiFi functionality not only crash but “keep crashing forever” without drastic intervention. Apple issued a patch on February 19, but the Telugu bug […]

Here’s what Trump’s tax plan means for blue collar workers, from cooks to mechanics

Pool/Getty Images • The GOP has reached an agreement on their enormous tax overhaul. • Career site Zippia broke down how the final tax bill could affect take-home pay in 2018 for people in various occupations. • Business Insider looked into how the bill would affect blue collar workers’ wallets. US President Donald Trump has marketed himself as […]

These 17 Cooking Tricks Are Perfect For Beginner Cooks

“Citrus juice is a secret weapon that makes almost everything better. Chicken, salmon, broccoli, black beans, corn – the list goes on. Tomato-based sauces and dairy, not as much – but most meats and veggies can get a lot brighter with a quick squeeze of lemon or lime.” ―Alex Fortney, Facebook You can also use […]

Apple iPhone X: We’ll soon know if Tim Cook’s gamble paid off

ANALYSIS: Preorders for the iPhone X start this Friday. And that should provide some clues for investors who have been holding their breath to see what impact the unusual rollout of Apple’s new flagship smartphone will have on consumer interest and sales. In recent years, under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, Apple had fine-tuned […]