What’s on TV: ‘Matrix’ Trilogy 4K, ‘Dream Daddy’ and ‘House of Cards’

The final season of Netflix’s House of Cards starts streaming later this week, but before that happens, it will also premiere season three of Follow This. For gamers, Dream Daddy arrives on PS4, while movie fans can choose from 4K versions of all three Matrix movies (no Animatrix, unfortunately), a Criterion release of The Princess […]

‘Matrix’ Reboot Still in the Early Stages; Screenwriter Zak Penn Provides Update

Writer Zak Penn has been offering updates on the potential Matrix reboot since March of last year. Now, Penn, who is out on the circuit promoting Ready Player One, has offered new details, telling us where his The Matrix reboot currently stands. So what’s up with that The Matrix reboot? Writer Zak Penn has offered some insight into the […]

Matrix PowerWatch hands-on: The promise of a world without chargers

When Matrix co-founder Douglas Tham handed me my review unit of the PowerWatch, I had to fight the instinct to ask for a charger. This thermal-powered wearable doesn’t need one — it gets energy by converting your body heat into electricity. It’s been a year since I saw an early prototype of the PowerWatch — […]

The Matrix biggest mystery FINALLY explained: You WON'T believe the fishy truth

OK, so there were actually lots of unofficial mysteries surrounding the blockbuster trilogy. Like, was Keanu Reeves acting like that on purpose or just having a laugh? Or, did the script actually make one single tiny iota of sense? Or even, why did the films get so dramatically worse as they went along? However, one […]

‘Replicas’ Panel at NYCC 2017 Ventures into ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Bill & Ted’ Territory

How many times can we see the Frankenstein concept of bringing back dead people play out on the big screen, you ask?  Short answer: countless times. Keanu Reeves is starring in Replicas, the latest in a long line of films, mostly told from a male perspective mind you, which tampers with death and recreation. If […]

New ‘Matrix’ Movie: Zak Penn Confirms It’s Not a Reboot Or Continuation

In March, word broke that a potential reboot of The Matrix, the influential 1999 sci-fi hit that reshaped the action movie landscape and made billowy coats cool again, was in the works at Warner Brothers. X-Men: The Last Stand and Ready Player One screenwriter Zak Penn was mentioned as being attached to the film, and Penn later tried […]

Matrix REUNION: Carrie-Anne Moss to join Keanu Reeves in new movie? EXCLUSIVE

Earlier this year John Wick: Chapter 2 saw Neo and Morpheus finally reunited on screen as Laurence took on the role of The Bowery King. The director revealed it wasn’t very hard to convince Laurence to team up as he and Keanu have remained good friends since the Matrix days – so could Carrie-Anne join […]

Take the red pill, and the rabbit hole could lead to a Matrix spinoff (Update)

Get ready to re-enter The Matrix. That’s right, friends. Buckle up and put on your sunglasses, because Neo and friends are coming back … maybe. According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is “in the early stages of developing a relaunch” of the 1999 hit film, which helped catapult Keanu Reeves into stardom. […]

‘New Matrix movie is NOT a reboot’ confirms screenwriter – It’s something else entirely

During his press tour for John Wick Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves was asked about the possibility of a fourth Matrix film. He confirmed he would be keen for it, but only if The Wachowskis returned to write and direct. Then earlier this week it was revealed that Warner Bros are planning on rebooting The Matrix, […]