Countryfile: Adam Henson confuses fans with dietary choice for cows ’Molasses and beans?’

Countryfile kicked off BBC One’s Sunday evening’s entertainment and Anita Rani was touring one of London’s cemeteries and she discovered a trove of treasures right on her doorstep. Tom Heap, on the other hand, was investigating the controversial decision which allows UK farmers to use a banned pesticide on their fields. Meanwhile, Adam Henson was […]

Christine Lampard confuses Loose Women fans with bizarre admission: ‘Where has she been?’

Christine Lampard, 41, was on hand to host today’s edition of Loose Women and to kickstart the show, she made reference to Wednesday being July 1. With many traditions and old wives tales doing the rounds to mark the beginning of a new month, the presenter thought she would get involved with the occasion. Welcoming […]

Chinese facial recognition system confuses bus ad with a jaywalker

There are many criticisms you can level at China’s growing reliance on facial recognition, including its absolute faith in technology: what happens if there’s a false positive? Unfortunately, we just saw an example of that in action. Police in the city of Ningbo have taken corrective action after the facial recognition system at a crosswalk […]

Musk trolls media with Pravda, confuses Ukraine and Russia

Silicon Valley magnate Elon Musk is trolling the mainstream media again, reminding them he is serious about setting up a website ranking their credibility. “Tried to buy, but Russia said no. Turns out they already use it,” Musk tweeted on Friday, linking to a domain in Ukraine.  He’s got a bunch of angry replies […]

Person Paid to Write About Movies Confuses Guillermo del Toro With Benecio [sic] del Toro

The Shape of Water, as you may well know solely as an informed consumer of popular culture, is the acclaimed new film from Mexican master Guillermo del Toro. (You should see it! It’s good!) Those simple facts were apparently unattainable to Rex Reed, America’s worst working film critic, who published a “review” at the New […]

Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Jonnie Peacock confuses Zoe Ball with blunder over winner

Jonnie, 24, was voted out in week nine following an eventful Tango at the Blackpool ballroom that had him forced to perform in the dance off against fan-favourite Debbie McGee.  Speaking to presenter Zoe Ball, 46, on the BBC Two companion show, the Paralympic gold medal winner revealed that the person he wants to win […]

Christine Lampard accidentally SWEARS on Lorraine as she confuses 'sit' and 'shut'

During an interview with Coronation Street newcomer Nicole Thorp, the Loose Women panelist, 38, appeared to utter the rude word as she stumbled over “sit” and “shut” “I think it was your granny who said, ‘When Corrie comes on, you s**t – you have to sit down and shut up and I think that’s just […]

How the Tax-Filing Process Confuses Americans About Tax Policy

Most Americans don’t understand how their country’s tax system works. Even smart, educated, politically engaged people often get confused about tax policy, and the problem arises not just from what people learn from politicians or through partisan media coverage. Over the last three years, I’ve been conducting surveys of hundreds of Americans and interviewing dozens […]