‘Force, intimidation & tear gas’: IDF raids Palestinian news agency to ‘grab CCTV footage’

There was no need for the IDF to raid the Palestinian news agency office in Ramallah and use force and tear gas to seize CCTV footage, as they could have asked for it and got it, WAFA editor Maher Abukhater has said. Israeli soldiers raided the office of the Palestinian news agency WAFA in the […]

Parkland shooting CCTV shows officer remained outside during massacre

By order of a judge, the Broward County Sheriff’s office has released surveillance video of the horrific Parkland school shooting in February. The police force said the footage justifies action against Deputy Scot Peterson. The footage from four security cameras at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland shows Peterson, accompanied by a school security […]

CCTV captures the moment shooter opens fire on Russian churchgoers (DISTURBING VIDEO)

CCTV footage from the site of the deadly shooting at a Christian church in southern Russia, which claimed the lives of five people, shows a man armed with a rifle gunning down two women in broad daylight. A bearded man clad in a black vest and camouflage pants was seen crossing the street before opening […]

Do aeroplanes have CCTV cameras? Flight security revealed and it might shock you

Flights are generally sale places to be thanks to airport security and the work of on flight crew. But do aeroplanes have CCTV cameras? One curious passenger asked this question and an airline pilot revealed their professional experience. Bruno Gilissen, who has previous experience work on four different airlines, said: “Yes, in an airliner nowadays […]

N. Korean defector's escape in dramatic chase & shooting caught on CCTV (VIDEO)

Distressing footage has emerged of a North Korean soldier barreling past his compatriots in a military vehicle and reaching the South Korean line. The defector was shot multiple times and taken to hospital in critical condition. The harrowing video released Wednesday in Seoul by the United Nations Command is edited together from separate cameras and […]

#1917LIVE: Bolsheviks raid 'Russian Telegraph,’ rebrand it as 'Revolutionary Times' (CCTV VIDEO)

Published time: 6 Nov, 2017 15:56 The Russian Telegraph – the provisional government’s newspaper on RT’s #1917LIVE re-enactment project – has been overrun by Red Guards. A new publication has been set up, as the Russian Revolution approaches its climax. Watch our special CCTV footage. The morning of November 6, 1917 started with the provisional […]

83yo fraud victim robbed by Moscow policeman who came to her ‘aid’ (CCTV VIDEO)

Published time: 28 Oct, 2017 23:43 An 83-year-old Russian woman has been shamelessly robbed in her own apartment by a policeman who came to her ‘rescue’ after fraudsters tried to swindle the victim out of a substantial sum of cash she was saving for a “rainy day.” Earlier this week, a pair of con artists […]

Horrific CCTV footage shows man drop-kicked off train platform (VIDEO)

Published time: 25 Oct, 2017 21:41 Police have released footage of a man being viciously kicked off a tram platform by a trio of people in Manchester. He is then threatened with a smashed wine bottle when he tries to make his way back onto the platform. The footage shows the 23-year-old victim arriving at […]

Chilling CCTV VIDEO captures man pushing woman on rail track in cold blood

Published time: 23 Oct, 2017 03:58 A CCTV camera has captured a man calmly pushing a woman on rail tracks at a Hong Kong train station, then walking away in cold blood. The incident, since widely shared on social media, took place at the Yuen Long station of Hong Kong’s Light Rail system. The culprit […]