‘Force, intimidation & tear gas’: IDF raids Palestinian news agency to ‘grab CCTV footage’

There was no need for the IDF to raid the Palestinian news agency office in Ramallah and use force and tear gas to seize CCTV footage, as they could have asked for it and got it, WAFA editor Maher Abukhater has said. Israeli soldiers raided the office of the Palestinian news agency WAFA in the […]

After visiting Douma, western media begin to question ‘gas attack’ narrative

After speaking with eyewitnesses on the ground in Syria, even mainstream media are beginning to cast doubt on the West’s narrative of an alleged gas attack in Douma, as medics tell French, German and UK media it never happened. Agence France-Presse (AFP), the world’s third largest news agency, and the Independent, a British online newspaper, […]

These photos of pollution in Delhi reveal why authorities are calling the city a ‘gas chamber’

Saumya Khandelwal – Reuters Don’t walk. Don’t go to school. Don’t breathe too fast.  That’s just some of the advice from authorities in Delhi, India this past week, when the smog became so thick that is was described by the local government as a “gas chamber.” Last November, the city experienced some of its worst pollution in decades, and this year looks […]

Fuel economy rules would decouple “miles traveled” trend from “gas used” trend

(credit: epSos.de) If federal fuel economy rules aren’t weakened, US drivers could consume 1.2 million fewer barrels of gasoline per day in 2025 than today. That’s the projection of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the energy statistics branch of the US Energy Department. Today, the administration posted some numbers from its “Annual Energy Outlook 2017” […]

‘People under rubble’: Huge ‘gas explosion’ in NW England demolishes building (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Published time: 25 Mar, 2017 23:32Edited time: 26 Mar, 2017 00:37 A powerful suspected gas explosion has reportedly destroyed and damaged buildings in Wirral on Merseyside, with footage from the scene in northwest England showing plumes of smoke rising from streets scattered with bricks and ambulances rushing to help people. At least 24 people have […]