Excitement, adrenaline, jitters: what Canadians are feeling on the first day of school

This school year, students in kindergarten through Grade 12 are filing into classrooms much more reminiscent of pre-pandemic times. Parents, teachers and students tell us about the first day, share what’s on their minds and tell us the things they’re looking forward to.

​Millions of Canadians are at risk of sleep apnea — here’s why so few realize it

One in three Canadians sleep less than the recommended seven to nine hours per night. The culprit could be too much screen time, stress or caffeine, but few Canadians realize their daytime doziness may be directly caused by a condition called sleep apnea that can have serious health ramifications.

Watch Canadians compete in World Cup luge from Whistler, B.C.

Click on the video players below to watch action from the luge World Cup in Whistler, B.C. Coverage continues Friday with men's at 7:40 p.m. ET. Men's Luge 1st Run, from the Whistler Sliding Centre in Whistler, BC. 0:00 Men's Luge 2nd Run, from the Whistler Sliding Centre in Whistler, BC. 0:00 On Saturday, women's competition begins […]

Why many Canadians face long waits or big bills to have painful medical devices removed

Women from across Canada describe how difficult — and expensive — it can be to get an implanted medical device surgically removed when it causes debilitating pain. They are four women from across this country who share one painful thing in common: Each had a medical device surgically implanted in them that was meant to […]