Animal Kingdom Season 4 Premiere Video: Pope Is Beaten Down… But Out?

RELATED STORIES Before the Season 4 premiere of TNT’s brutal Animal Kingdom, Pope had taken one emotional beating after another. First, he’d been sent reeling by the revelation that there had been no reason for him to kill Catherine, the woman he loved. Then, he’d been dealt another blow by brother figure Baz’s murder — […]

The Day I Got Gang Beaten in Brooklyn

Crown Heights has always been kind of a weird neighborhood in Brooklyn. Haitian and other Caribbean transplants living uncomfortable shoulder to uncomfortable shoulder with Hasidic Jews. It wasn’t always as uncomfortable as when the 1991 riots — sparked by an accident involving Rebbe Schneerson’s motorcade and two Guyanese children — erupted, but ill-at-ease just the […]

Google engineer beaten to death, 3 critical in Indian lynch mob attack fueled by ‘kidnapping’ rumor

One man has been killed and three are fighting for their lives after an angry mob of 200 ruthlessly beat them, responding to a public call for “help” in which the group of men was misidentified as suspected child kidnappers. Google software engineer, Mohammad Azam, was beaten to death while three others, including a Qatari […]

England rugby beaten AGAIN as South Africa complete series victory with dominant win

After sacrificing a 21-point lead in the first Test, it was deja vu all over again for England as they blew a 12-0 lead without troubling the scorers again. The penalty count was again in double figures – there were 13 in total – and South Africa were comparatively ruthless and kept their composure to […]

Himalayan Trekking Goes Off the Beaten Path

Time: 10–15 days. Distance: 75–95 miles. Elevation: 14,000–18,000 feet. Rating: Difficult to strenuous. For 70-year-old Ajmal Sobhan, these statistics that define high-altitude trekking in Nepal are annual must-haves. The retired surgeon from Virginia visits the Himalayan nation every year to quench his thirst for adventure. The base camps of Mount Everest and Mount Annapurna, the […]

Avengers Infinity War box office: Star Wars record BEATEN in HUGE opening weekend

While the Lucasfilm smash can safely hold on to the record for best ever opening day (and best ever Thursday night previews), Marvel’s latest has beaten it in terms of overall first-weekend numbers. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Infinity War is estimated to have taken a gargantuan $ 250 million in the US since its launch […]

F1 2018 teams: Most popular constructors ranked – Ferrari, Mercedes beaten by shock No 1

The new Formula One season is set to get underway with 10 teams completing their final preparations ahead of the opening race in Melbourne. Mercedes are the heavy favourites to retain their crown in the constructors championship this season, while Ferrari appear to be their closest competition. However, neither team ranks at the top of […]