The CEO of an accessibility app had her wheelchair damaged by Air Canada: ‘Imagine someone basically chopping off your legs when you arrive somewhere’

Air Canada passengers have complained about the loss of their luggage. Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images An Air Canada passenger says her independence was stripped after the airline damaged her wheelchair.  Maayan Ziv was flying from Toronto to Israel to attend an accessibility conference. "Too many disabled people have faced this trauma," she said. […]

‘BrightBurn’ Trailer: James Gunn Basically Turned Superman into a Horror Story

BrightBurn has been an incredibly well-kept secret for months. While we’ve long-known that James Gunn was producing the film, and reuniting with his Slither star Elizabeth Banks, plot details have been kept under tight lock and key. We didn’t even know the official title until very recently. Now, the BrightBurn trailer is here, offering us our first real […]

The Army’s newest non-lethal weapon basically lets soldiers shoot enemies in the face with hot sauce

Andrew Burton/Reuters The Army has a new non-lethal weapon to help soldiers in Afghanistan “irritate and deter” potential adversaries, Army Times reports.  The weapon fires paintball-like projectiles filled with a hot pepper solution. The projectiles have a range of around 50 yards and leave a “debilitating cloud,” impacting the eyes, nose and respiratory system. Weapons like […]

If Kim Jong Un gets rid of his nukes, he’s basically signing his own death warrant

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has unilaterally decided to discuss denuclearization with the US, but seriously pursuing that line could end in his ouster and death. Dictators like Kim run the risk of violent upheavals, as the North Korean people do not have legal recourse or any nonviolent method to change their leadership. Whether […]

Bytepath Is Basically Asteroids With A Ridiculous Amount Of Stats And Skills

“Asteroids with RPG elements” sums up Bytepath quite succinctly. At its core, you’re recognize the formula – your ship besieged by space rocks from all sides – but this new shmup adds layers of complexity to its rock-blasting action and low-fi glitched-out aesthetic. Ship, class, and skills. With these three categories, Bytepath introduces a system […]

Free Checking Is Basically a Thing of the Past

It’s getting harder and harder to avoid paying for one of the most basic and necessary banking services: a checking account. And that could make it even harder for low-income customers to access the services of mainstream banks. Just this week, Bank of America finished converting an unspecified number of customers still using its eBanking […]