Japanese TV cancels BTS show after Jimin wore a shirt showing the Nagasaki atomic bombing

Jimin, a member of popular South Korean boyband BTS, was photographed wearing a shirt with a photo depicting an atomic bomb being dropped on Nagasaki, Japan during World War II. The show sparked controversy and Japanese TV channel Asahi canceled Asahi’s performance on Friday night. Hundreds of thousands of people died after the US dropped […]

Newly declassified videos of Cold War atomic blasts reveal the terrifying power of nuclear weapons

NOAA The US government has uploaded 62 newly declassified nuclear-explosion videos to YouTube. The footage is a small share of the 10,000 Cold War-era films that archivists and physicists are trying to rescue. Re-analysis of the old movies will help the military modernize its nuclear weapons stockpile — and maybe prevent their use. Nuclear weapons […]

The 7 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Atomic Blonde,’ ‘Wind River’

This week’s batch of streaming and disc titles includes one of our favorite summer action flicks – no, we don’t only like snooty art films around here – as well as one of the season’s sleeper hits. We’ve also got a romantic spy picture on Prime, a frothy Shakespeare adaptation on Hulu, and Blu-ray upgrades […]

The Atomic Theory of Origami

By reimagining the kinks and folds of origami as atoms in a lattice, researchers are uncovering strange behavior hiding in simple structures. https://media.wired.com/photos/59fcacdbf34e083b513ef99d/master/pass/MichaelAssis_2880x1700_03-2880×1700.jpg Feed: All Latest

After ‘Atomic Blonde’ and ‘Girls Trip,’ It’s Time to Redefine ‘Chick Flick’

(Welcome to What Women Watch, a series exploring what modern women are watching, and loving, on the big and small screens. In this edition, we examine how the films being made for women are changing for the better, as seen in movies like Atomic Blonde and Girls Trip.) Last week, I went to see Atomic Blonde and I left […]

Japan marks the 72nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki amid US-North Korea tensions

Reuters TOKYO (AP) — Amid growing tension between Washington and North Korea, the mayor of Nagasaki said Tuesday that the fear of another nuclear bomb attack is growing at a ceremony marking the 72nd anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of his city. Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue urged nuclear states to abandon such weapons and […]

How the Bone-Crunching Stunts of ‘Atomic Blonde’ Were Achieved

John Wick co-director David Leitch went solo to helm the new Charlize Theron spy film Atomic Blonde, and he proved he could deliver a slick, stylish thriller full of memorable action sequences. I’m sure you’ve already heard about one scene that’s made to look like a single shot, because it’s already earned legendary status among action movie geeks and will rightfully be […]

/Filmcast Ep. 429 – Atomic Blonde (GUEST: Britt Hayes from ScreenCrush)

David, Jeff, and Devindra are joined by Britt Hayes from ScreenCrush to review Atomic Blonde. Check out Britt’s review of the film.  You can always e-mail us at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or call and leave a voicemail at 781-583-1993. Also, like us on Facebook! Download or Play Now: Subscribe to the /Filmcast:   SHOWNOTES Featured Review Atomic Blonde (30:15) SPOILER The post /Filmcast Ep. 429 – Atomic […]

Charlize Theron on the Future of ‘Atomic Blonde’, ‘Mad Max’, James Bond and Female Characters

One of the panels that went overlooked at San Diego Comic-Con amidst all the major news and trailers from the rest of the convention was Entertainment Weekly‘s own “Women Who Kick Ass” panel. Usually, the panel features an ensemble of tough, badass women from movies and television, but this year’s panel focused on just one: […]

‘Atomic Blonde’ Confirms Charlize Theron’s Place in the Action Movie Pantheon

Note: This review originally ran following the world premiere of Atomic Blonde at the SXSW Film Festival. It is in theaters today. In a nutshell: Atomic Blonde is about a badass, bisexual British secret agent who fights like John Wick and seduces like James Bond who travels to Germany days before the fall of the Berlin Wall […]