9-1-1’s Ryan Guzman Offers Apology for N-Word Controversy: ‘I Misspoke… I’m Not Here to Bring Anybody Down’

RELATED STORIES After feeling the heat from his co-stars, 9-1-1 star Ryan Guzman has taken to social media to address his defense of using racial slurs. In an Instagram video posted on Monday, Guzman — who plays firefighter Eddie Diaz on the Fox procedural — first said, “I do not condone the use of the […]

Arca's Path PSVR review: A relaxing virtual reality game that anybody can play

Arca’s Path is the brainchild of former Sony London studio director Dave Raynard, whose previous foray into virtual reality involved guns, crime and Cockney gangsters. A tranquil and unique experience that’s quite unlike anything else on PSVR, Arca’s Path is about as far removed from The London Heist as you’ll get. Part of Sony London’s […]

Is there anybody out there? Voyager 1 fires up thrusters dormant since 1980

Published time: 2 Dec, 2017 12:28 If you had a car sitting in a garage for nearly forty years you’d forgive it for not starting with the first turn of the key. Now imagine it’s 21 billion kilometers from home and you just heard that engine purring from interstellar space. For car read Voyager 1, […]

‘Any Russians? Anybody been to Russia?’: Jeff Sessions jokes to crowd during speech

Carolyn Kaster/AP Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracked a few jokes at his own expense. Sessions quipped to a crowd on Friday: “Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room? Before I get started here, any Russians?” Sessions has been criticized for not fully disclosing his contacts with Russia during President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Attorney General Jeff […]

North Korea’s Nuclear Threats Aren’t Fazing Anybody at the Guam Airport

North Korea’s Threats Not Fazing Anybody at the Guam Airport Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does […]

Baltimore’s ‘Nobody kill anybody’ ceasefire marred by 2 homicides

Published time: 6 Aug, 2017 16:50 An inaugural event to curb murders in one of America’s most violent cities was interrupted by the killings of two men on Saturday, though organisers insist that the ‘Baltimore ceasefire’ has not ended. Community leaders had called for a 72-hour ceasefire in the crime ravaged Maryland city, hoping to […]

Anybody With $500K Can Buy a Ballistic Nonhybrid Acura NSX GT3 Race Car

– When the reborn Acura NSX debuted, some claimed it to be overly complicated, saying that Acura had killed the essence of what once made the original car so great. The hybrid powertrain, the all-wheel-drive setup, and the hyper-exotic styling all seemed out of character to those forgetting that NSX stands for New Sportscar eXperimental. Presumably, the purists […]