James Martin clashes with Chris Evans after cooking criticism ‘You’re not getting any!’

James Martin welcomed a host of guests on to his ITV Saturday Morning cooking show which aired a festive edition on Christmas Day. The TV chef prepared a Christmassy dessert for Chris Evans and Denise van Outen but changed his mind when the pair cheekily criticised how long the dish took to make. Turning to […]

Best UFC fight ever? Jordan Peterson itching to take on Slavoj Zizek – ‘any time, any place’

Canadian academic and internet sensation Jordan Peterson has shot back at Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek’s recent criticisms of him. Apparently he wants to chat, heralding in a long-awaited debate between the two thinkers. During an appearance at the Cambridge Union last month, Zizek savaged the Canadian’s “pseudo-scientific references” and purported inability to speak “about women […]

Cellebrite can unlock any iPhone (for some values of “any”)

Enlarge (credit: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Cellebrite, the Israel-based forensics company that has been a key source for law enforcement in efforts to crack the security of mobile devices to recover evidence, has reportedly found a way to unlock Apple devices using all versions of the iOS operating system up to version 11.2.6, the […]

‘Any Russians? Anybody been to Russia?’: Jeff Sessions jokes to crowd during speech

Carolyn Kaster/AP Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracked a few jokes at his own expense. Sessions quipped to a crowd on Friday: “Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room? Before I get started here, any Russians?” Sessions has been criticized for not fully disclosing his contacts with Russia during President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Attorney General Jeff […]

US Navy secretary on transgender people in the military: ‘Any patriot’ should be able to serve

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer said he would follow directions from the president on transgender people in the military but believes “any patriot” should be allowed to serve. Spencer, speaking to reporters on Thursday on a visit to Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, said he would abide by any policy the […]

Germany must expect attacks by lone wolves & terrorist groups at ‘any time’ – intel chief

Germany is likely to see more terrorist attacks conducted by Islamist jihadists, the country’s domestic intelligence chief has said while presenting an annual report which analyses threats to the state from all forms of extremism. “We must expect further attacks by individuals or terror groups,” the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz (BfV) chief, Hans-Georg Maassen said Tuesday. […]

Maria Sharapova denied French Open wild card entry because there cannot be ‘any doubts of results’

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty The French Tennis Federation denied Maria Sharapova a wild card entry for the French Open on Tuesday, citing a need to “protect the game” following Sharapova’s doping scandal. Federation president Bernard Giudicelli said that although Sharapova has already returned from a 15-month suspension for testing positing for a banned substance, there “cannot be […]