Queen of the South: Alice Braga opens up on tough New Mutants scenes to film ‘Was anxious’

More of a horror film than the average superhero blockbuster, The New Mutants follows a team of superpowered teens who awaken in a mysterious hospital, led by Bragas’ Dr Reyes. As the group begins to hone their abilities, they eventually take on a series of terrifying threats, including a supernatural being known as the Demon […]

Inside the lives of America’s anxious 1% — who hide housekeepers and nannies and don’t think they’re actually rich

Martin Hunter/Getty Images It’s not always easy being in the 1%.  Rachel Sherman’s book “Uneasy Street” highlights the lives of America’s top earners and the anxieties they face, including guilt and comparing themselves to their wealthy friends.  The New York Times also highlighted the anxiety of rich people in a recent article, saying “wealth frequently […]

ICE deports prominent Irishman after appearing on television, immigrant communities anxious

The deportation of a well-known Irishman on an expired visa sparked outrage from immigrant communities who fear federal immigration officers are now targeting all undocumented immigrants, not just those convicted of serious crimes. John Cunningham, 38, was deported to Ireland Wednesday night after US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers showed up at his home […]