Richard Hammond speaks out on Jeremy and James replacement ‘Was first choice’

He added: “Don’t get me wrong, we are saying ‘Please come with us, we’re being a bit silly. But come and have a laugh, hopefully, it’s a bit of an escape.’ “So it is a bit fictionalised, the science is rigorous, the engineering is rigorous, but the storyline we built-in because every build is then […]

Queen of the South: Alice Braga opens up on tough New Mutants scenes to film ‘Was anxious’

More of a horror film than the average superhero blockbuster, The New Mutants follows a team of superpowered teens who awaken in a mysterious hospital, led by Bragas’ Dr Reyes. As the group begins to hone their abilities, they eventually take on a series of terrifying threats, including a supernatural being known as the Demon […]

Victoria Derbyshire breaks down recalling fears her dad would ‘kill’ her mum: ‘Was scared’

Fighting back tears, she continues: “But there were some really, some really difficult time because my father was violent.” As the preview for tonight’s Panorama continues, Victoria admits the topic of domestic abuse wasn’t a familiar issue and as such, wasn’t given the attention and action it required. “This was the 70s and the 80s, […]

15 Tiere, bei denen du dir denkst “Was? Sowas gibt es??”

BuzzFeed / Chris Newbert / picture alliance / Minden Pictur 1. Binturong / Marderbär BuzzFeed / Getty Images Der Marderbär sieht einfach permanent so aus, als hätte er einen richtig beschissenen Tag. Und das, obwohl der Urin dieser Rabauken so riecht wie frisches Popcorn.🍿 2. Darwin-Seefledermaus / Rotlippiger Fledermausfisch Chris Newbert / picture alliance / […]

Ivanka Trump ‘was the worst offender in the White House’: Ivanka reportedly discussed government affairs using her personal email address

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump reportedly sent numerous emails related to internal government affairs using her personal email address. The first daughter is believed to have discussed government policy in her emails, and sent her work schedule and travel information to herself and personal assistants. Ivanka, who took on her unpaid […]

‘You could feel it in your veins, like how cold it was’: Using paint and selfies to cope with chemo

After being diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer when she was just 24, Lauren Sylliboy said the enormity of her illness didn’t hit her right away. But exactly 14 days after her first chemotherapy treatment, that changed. Her hair started falling out and Sylliboy said she looked in the mirror and realized her illness was […]

Melania Trump opts for white suit at State of the Union speech – was she making a point?

Melania Trump, 47, wore a chic white suit, produced by Christian Dior, for the important speech given by her husband Donald Trump. She paired the outfit with a close fitting silk shirt worn underneath the jacket. The jacket was slightly oversized, giving Melania the appearance of a strong presence. However, the trousers were slightly cropped […]

Tippett retirement ‘was on the radar’

Video Tippett retirement ‘was on the radar’2:55 AFL: John Longmire talks to the press about the retirement of Kurt Tippett January 23rd 2018 a minute ago /display/ news and galleries/AFL/ AFL McCartin’s fortune change0:59 January 22nd 2018 15 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/AFL/ Viney’s vow: I’ll be ready2:44 January 22nd 2018 15 hours ago […]

California’s wildfires gave Disneyland an eerie glow — and reportedly it looked like the sun ‘was on fire’

Vanessa Comfort On Monday morning, Vanessa Comfort arrived with her husband and two children at Disneyland, a six-hour drive south of their home in Castro Valley, California. They walked to the pier, and immediately realized something was weird. The park looked far from the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Few rides were moving, and above them, the sky glowed a […]