Asian utilities are stockpiling fuel oil as natural gas shortages boost demand for dirtier energy alternatives

A fuel tanker navigates near Cienfuegos Oil Refinery southeast of Havana Thomson Reuters Asian utility companies are stocking up on dirtier fuel oil amid natural gas shortages. That's due to a slash in Russian gas supplies, leading Europe and Asia to compete for the alternatives left on the market. In August, Japan's fuel-oil purchases soared […]

Sonos files for IPO, positions its products as alternatives to screen addiction

Enlarge / The Sonos One, a Sonos smart speaker that launched with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. (credit: Jeff Dunn) Smart audio company Sonos has filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to go public. In doing so, the company warned investors of potential risk factors, such as Sonos’ dependence on competitors like Amazon, and […]

Tom Kerridge recipes: Why THESE healthy meal alternatives could help you lose weight

Tom Kerridge, 44, is helping people lose weight with some healthy but tasty recipes. His new show Lose Weight For Good hopes to help a group of people wanting to lose weight, cook food that still tastes good. Every week he also offers some tasty recipes that cut the calories without cutting the taste. He […]

Uber BAN – When will the app stop working and what are the alternatives?

Users of Uber are facing a total ban in the UK’s capital after it was concluded the app is “not fit and proper” to operate. Transport for London are now looking to block the service leaving millions unable to grab a lift via their smartphones. In a statement TFL said: “Private hire operators must meet […]

McLaren Exploring All-Wheel-Drive Alternatives

– Racing drivers and rednecks might say that it’s impossible to have too much power, but supercar makers know that we’re getting close to the limits of adhesion. More specifically, those who still are making high-powered, rear-wheel-drive cars, where traction-limited sub-three-second zero-to-60-mph times have become commonplace, find that adding more power isn’t improving performance so […]