The Handmaid’s Tale EP Explains Fred’s About-Face: ‘He Scared Himself’

RELATED STORIES Enslaving the bodies and crushing the souls of every female in the country is all fun and games until someone loses a finger, eh Fred? The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Commander Waterford rather abruptly changed his misogynistic tune in last week’s episode, allowing wife Serena to fly to Canada with only a young military escort […]

Taiwan voted to reject same-sex marriage in a surprise about-face that has changed the island both socially and politically

Alberto Buzzola/LightRocket via Getty Images Taiwan woke up on Sunday morning a very different island, following a series of political blows that dashed hopes of moving towards legalizing same-sex marriage. Last year, Taiwan’s highest court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry, and set a two-year deadline for legalization. The move seemingly set Taiwan […]

Big Little Lies Director Does About-Face on a Possible Season 2: 'It'd Be Great'

Big Little Lies won big (not little) at this year’s Emmys — and even director Jean-Marc Vallée is now ready to book a return trip to Monterey. The acclaimed HBO series was only intended to air for a single season — hence, its inclusion in the Emmys’ Limited Series category — but a Season 2 […]

In a surprise about-face, US Senate votes to keep Obama-era methane rule

Enlarge The US Senate declined to overturn an Obama-era rule that requires oil and gas companies to limit their methane emissions if they’re drilling on federal and tribal lands. The outcome of the 51-49 vote was surprising given that Congress has thus far opted 13 times to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn […]