Woman caught hiding 24 gerbils under her SKIRT by customs officers after flight from China

In what must have been the most uncomfortable flight outfit ever, the 60 year old was found with her menagerie of rodents squirming around her thighs. She was stopped by customs officers who quickly became aware of something untoward. The passenger had finished a trip to China and returned to Taiwanese island Kinmen, very nearly completing her journey with the gerbils in tact. Yet it was at the final customs checkpoint where she fell foul of the regulations.

Coast Guard officials noticed she was strolling awkwardly.

After she was questioned, she revealed the pets, each individually wrapped in plastic bags.

These were strapped to her legs, but were effectively disguised under her long-hemmed skirt.

According to Chinese news station 97x, she told the authorities she was smuggling the animals for friends.

She then insisted she had bought them at a pet store in China.

The gerbils were all sadly euthanised by vets.

The lady was then charged with violating the Infectious Animal Disease Prevention and Control Act.

Meanwhile, a fellow airline passenger has captured the shocking moment they spotted an animal in the plane.

The traveller was on a commercial flight when they took the video which has since gone viral.

In the video, the person was filming as they walked down the aisle.

They turned and looked down the side of the seats only to spot something very confusing.

What he saw caused him to burst into laughter.

A pair of animal legs could be seen sticking out of the gap between the plane exterior and the middle wall.

The two furry legs and tail were straight as they were stuck in the small hole.

The person filming then looked on the either side of the wall and saw a cat looking at him.

Animals are not often allowed on flights so what the cat was doing has not been revealed.

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