Best Smart Money-Saving Travel Tips for After COVID-19

Traveling comes with exciting moments, but depending on the places you’re visiting, it can cost a fortune. While the COVID pandemic has taken a toll on the world, disrupting travel and other industries, you could start planning for your travel after COVID-19. Travel is one of the industries most affected by COVID-19, thanks to restrictions and months of lockdown. Many people are waiting to travel the world once again, but seeing income has also been affected by COVID-19, you want travel tips on a budget. From borrowing a $250 online loan to minimizing your expenses, there are many things you can do to make your travel affordable. These tips could help you prepare for post-COVID travel.

Travel Off-Season

One of the best travel tips and hacks for post-COVID travel is timing your trips off-season. Being flexible with your travel is important, so you should not only schedule everything in season. If you want to travel in the summer or on holiday, you expect prices to be through the roof. The reason is that many more people will be competing for the same experiences, which drives prices up. Instead, consider traveling when not many people are going. This will not only allow you to enjoy incredible moments, you will get more for a fraction of the price. Rooms, flights, and food will cost less off-season.

Take Public Transportation

One of the easiest travel tips examples is using public transportation when in an unfamiliar country. It can be confusing, but this is one of the best ways to save money if you want to go around a city. Besides, it’s more environmentally friendly and allows you to experience the city like locals do. It’s something you need on your travel plans if you want to explore the world after COVID-19. You will save a lot of money and visit more places. If it’sa  place you’re visiting for the first time, do your research to know how to navigate the local transportation system.

Book a Vacation Rental

Picking cheaper accommodation is among travel tips and tricks that will save you money when you travel abroad. Hotels are the most expensive accommodation you can choose when you travel. After COVID-19, when you travel again, consider looking for vacation rentals instead. They can be ideal if you’re traveling in a large group, like with your family. The rentals can be cheaper than hotels. In addition, vacation rentals offer bigger space and give you more privacy. Also, they usually include a kitchen, which is ideal if you’re traveling with kids.

Avoid Checked Baggage Fees

On travel tips packing ideas, as much as possible, avoid carrying checked luggage as it’s time-consuming and costly. Depending on the airline, the baggage fees are not mandatory. However, you could get extra charges in situations where your luggage exceeds the stipulated carry-on limits. It’s advisable to brush up on the allocated baggage allowance to avoid additional costs.

Eat Like a Local

Sample the local cuisine in places where locals would eat. While a gourmet experience is incredible, you could have more fun exploring the local culinary scene. It’s cheaper than at a restaurant and also allows you to learn more about the destination’s culture. There are many delicious local foods you would not find in high-end restaurants that you can find through street food and other local spots.

Visit Free Attractions

If you want to visit many attractions, check out those open for free. Visiting more spots that charge fees could deplete your budget faster. Some examples of attractions you could visit for free include libraries, historical sites and statues, museums and art galleries, and churches and cathedrals.


Traveling the world should not break your bank. If you plan well and stick to your plan, you can explore different places on a budget. Understanding travel tips will help you find the best places to visit on a budget.

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