Shantel VanSanten Opens Up About Truncated Flash Run: ‘The Showrunner Put Me on a Train All of a Sudden’

RELATED STORIES Five years ago today, One Tree Hill alum Shantel VanSanten made her debut on The CW’s The Flash, as CCPD officer Patty Spivot. Yet despite being built up as a love interest for CSI Barry Allen, and thus the third side to a triangle involving Iris, Patty wound up gone in a veritable […]

Scorpion: Shantel VanSanten Brings a Certain Ex Appeal — 2018 FIRST LOOK

Playing Toby’s ex, Shantel VanSanten marks the spot in this exclusive photo from the first 2018 episode of CBS’ Scorpion. VIDEOSUSA Network’s Shooter Renewed for (Bigger) Season 3 Following this Monday’s new episode, Scorpion airs its fall finale on Dec. 18. VanSanten makes her debut in Episode 13, airing on Jan. 15 after the holiday […]

Shooter's Shantel VanSanten Previews Kickback for Gun-Range Incident, Shortened Season's Cliffhanger Finale

This Tuesday on Shooter (USA Network, 10/9c) — in what turned out to be Season 2’s penultimate episode — Julie Swagger will have her own drama to deal with while husband Bob Lee labors to extricate himself from a Mexican prison (ideally to make it home in time for daughter Mary’s first communion). Because while […]