Tess Daly apologises to Strictly Come Dancing viewers after unfortunate presenting blunder

Tess Daly, 51, was once again on hand to host proceedings on Strictly Come Dancing as the remaining 11 contestants took on Movie week. One performance which stood out from the rest was Made in Chelsea star Jamie’s after he performed a Charleston to the soundtrack of Disney’s Hercules. However, the routine was rather comedic […]

NCIS Los Angeles’ Marty Deeks star suffers unfortunate lockdown mishap: ‘Had to shut off!’

Olsen and his wife Sarah White have remained at home during the show’s unexpected hiatus as the wait for production to resume continues. Some states have been given the all-clear to allow film and television productions to return to set. However, cast and crew members across the entertainment industry have been opting to wait until […]

Line of Duty dealt devastating blow as Lisa McQueen star shares unfortunate update

Line of Duty fans have been waiting eagerly to find out whether the cast and crew of the BBC hit crime drama is back up and filming the highly-anticipated next series after coronavirus shut it all down. But it looks like we’ve got longer to wait than originally thought – “Mother of God” as dear […]

A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3 cast: Who is in the cast of the final series?

Season three of A Series of Unfortunate Events will be released on Netflix on Tuesday, January 1 and marks the final instalment of the show. Netflix will be making all seven episodes available in one go for fans to binge watch. A Series of Unfortunate Events is comprised of an ensemble cast, who will be […]

A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3 location: Where is it filmed?

Netflix will be releasing season three of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Tuesday, January 1 with all seven episodes from the final instalment available all at once. A Series of Unfortunate Events is based on the Lemony Snicket children’s novels of the same name written by American author Daniel Handler. Each season of the […]

Meet Brett Kavanagh, the unfortunate Twitter namesake of the moment

With the nation’s eyes glued to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s bitter confirmation fight in recent weeks, spare a thought for Brett Kavanagh, a man who shares nothing with the judge except a closely-spelled last name. One guy’s a college sports fanatic who loves beer and football, the other is an average guy from Kentucky […]

Google Maps: Street view has captured THIS unfortunate incident for male tourist

Google Maps street view has captured a number of comical images from all over the world. With cars decked out in 360-degree cameras, Google has been driving the streets since 2007 creating a 3D searchable map of the globe. But it’s not just its practical use that has users hooked, the tool has helped uncover […]

Google Maps Street View: Bikini woman has very unfortunate accident on the beach

Google Maps Street View has captured a number of hilarious images over the years. Since its creation in 2007, it has unearthed “alien bases,” cheating scandals and weird optical illusions. Thankfully, the website blurs out the faces of those involved due to privacy laws. Yet one poor woman was caught by the 360-degree cameras on […]

A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2: Klaus Baudelaire star reveals backstage drama

Louis Hynes, who plays Klaus Baudelaire, has come clean about a behind-the-scenes disruption which occurred on the Netflix drama. In a video posted to his Instagram, Louis exposed a secret from the the filming of the eighth episode of season two to fans. Louis in character as Klaus can be seen rushing Violet Baudelaire (played […]

TV Bits: ‘Cursed’, ‘Archer’, ‘Unfortunate Events’, ‘Westworld’, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

In this edition of TV bits: The legend of King Arthur is getting yet another re-imagining A trailer for Archer season 9 A new Series of Unfortunate Events clip That amazing instrumental cover of “Heart-Shaped Box” from the Westworld trailer is now available Alex Kurtzman will direct Star Trek: Discovery season 2 premiere A new teaser for Fear the Walking Dead   It’s […]