Facebook accused of undermining international aid efforts in Burma because it spreads fake news (FB)

REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain Facebook was accused by British politicians of undermining international aid efforts in Burma/Myanmar. That’s because of Facebook’s role in spreading fake news about the persecuted Rohingya group, which has been targeted for ethnic cleansing over the last year. UK MPs said Facebook’s “Free Basics” internet service, which is popular in Burma, was […]

Trump’s erratic trade policies are already undermining a key driver of economic prosperity

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Many of the economists and investors who feared Donald Trump’s harsh trade promises during the presidential campaign have taken umbrage at some of the administration’s lack of follow-through on the divisive issue.  The president did abandon the long-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement between 12 Pacific Rim nations, a move seen as deep blow to America’s global leadership, […]

Britain’s head Supreme Court judge: Some Brexit ruling criticism ‘was undermining the rule of law’

Reuters LONDON (Reuters) – The head of Britain’s Supreme Court has accused politicians of not doing enough to protect the independence of the judicial system when judges came in for harsh criticism from pro-Brexit newspapers last year. England’s High Court triggered an angry response from some newspapers in November when it ruled that the decision […]