Dash & Lily’s Austin Abrams Reveals the Surprise Strength Behind Netflix’s Unconventional Holiday Romance

RELATED STORIES Netflix’s newest romantic comedy is fun, addictive and an excellent reminder of the power of pen on paper in a world dominated by social media. But more than any of that, it’s Christmas porn. Set and filmed in New York City at Christmastime (production wrapped in December 2019), Dash & Lily is a […]

20 Cool Jobs for Unconventional People (No Matter How Old You Are)

At a certain point in my life, I thought I would be a scuba instructor. Bronzed and toned, living care free in the Maldives mingling with fabulous people. It seemed like a perfectly original undertaking that suited me. After all, there I was just finishing my dive master training on the tepid shores of Costa […]

Guillermo del Toro Has an Unconventional Cameo in ‘The Shape of Water’

Directors have been making cameos in their own movies since the early days of cinema, so it’s appropriate that The Shape of Water – which is at least partially a throwback to classic Hollywood – would include a cameo from its own filmmaker as well. It also seems appropriate that an iconoclast director like Guillermo […]

How an unconventional collaboration with his director led to the latest Oscar nomination for Denzel Washington

Sony Director Dan Gilroy had only Denzel Washington in mind to star in “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” If the actor had declined to be in it, Gilroy wouldn’t have made the movie. Gilroy also had an unconventional method of letting Washington be involved in every aspect of making the movie. It has now led to an Oscar nomination for Washington. There’s […]

The unconventional analogies of ‘Your Hands Are Feet’

Last week, we held the first Engadget Experience in LA, where Your Hands Are Feet was one of five immersive art projects to debut. The virtual reality experience drops you into a surreal world, full of experiential metaphors. Experiences like, for instance, what it’s like to shave a giant’s hairy pink leg in the desert. […]

The unconventional way I choose my startup investments

GUEST: I recently retired after working for 40 years at publicly held companies where my fiduciary duty was to my shareholders. For those 40 years I was tasked with delivering the highest possible return to my investors, without engaging in anything illegal or unethical. While I balanced short-term results with long-term value creation considering my […]