Intrepid scientist corrects physiology in Gulliver’s Travels after 300 years

Enlarge / Title page of first edition of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, relating the fictional adventures of one Lemuel Gulliver. (credit: Meisei University Library, Tokyo, Japan) Gulliver’s Travels is justly regarded as one of the best satirical novels of all time, although its author, Jonathan Swift, claimed he wrote the book “to vex the world […]

Kate Middleton: Duchess takes THIS favourite item with her when she travels

Kate Middleton is well known for looking impeccably stylish on every public outing. No matter where she is in the world on royal tours, the Duchess of Cambridge attracts much attention for her chic look. As any traveller knows, what one wears while abroad can make or break a day out. Prince William’s wife is […]

Peter Andre: The one item musician travels with in his suitcase

Peter Andre has travelled a lot with his career and has strong familial ties to Cyprus and Australia. Consequently, the musician is well used to jet-setting both long and short haul and knows what he wants when he travels. Despite his fame and glamorous lifestyle, Andre reveals he still likes the simple things in life […]

Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch always demands this specific thing when she travels

Queen Elizabeth II is the UK’s most well-travelled monarch so she’s had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune her travel needs. There’s one thing in particular she won’t go on a trip without, it has been revealed. It doesn’t matter how long or short the sojourn is, the Queen always wants to take it. She refuses […]

Meghan Markle: Duchess always makes sure to do THIS when she travels

Meghan Markle, married to Prince Harry, 34, has travelled all over the world in her lifetime. Both as an erstwhile actress and a current member of the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex is well used to travelling for work. Meghan has picked up numerous helpful travel hacks to beat the various problems regularly flying […]

A Deutsche Bank exec says he travels up to 10 days every month — and he’s been able to keep doing it for over 20 years because of a ‘magic combination’

Piers Constable A Deutsche Bank executive says he does eight triathlons a year — even while traveling 10 days a month for work. Piers Constable, a managing director based in New York City, says that he’s found exercising and traveling to be a “magic combination.” Constable said that he wakes up at 5 a.m. every day […]

Queen Elizabeth II: Royal always travels with this one important figure

Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s most well-travelled monarch and she has been making official visits abroad since she was young. As the most important member of the royal family her safety and security is absolutely paramount. Bodyguards will always be by her side when she travels to keep her from harm. However, there’s one very […]

Queen Elizabeth II: The monarch refuses to do this when she travels

Queen Elizabeth has travelled the world over on hundreds of royal tours and has experienced a plethora of different cultures and cuisines. However, no matter where she goes in the world, there are strict rules regarding one food in particular. A royal expert has revealed that foreign chefs are given instructions by The Master of […]

Prince Harry always travels with this item – as does the Queen, Prince William and Kate

Prince Harry, 34, recently joined his wife, Meghan Markle, 37, for her first solo event at Kensington Palace, supporting the new Grenfell cookbook Together. The couple were very hands-on with each other, as Harry smoothed down Meghan’s hair after it was caught in the wind. They also shared a romantic moment at the polo earlier […]

Prince William: Why the royal always travels with this particular item

Prince William, 36, often travels abroad as part of the Royal Family on state visits, to represent the UK. He is often joined by his wife, Kate Middleton, 36, as well as his children. While Prince George, five, and Princess Charlotte, three, have already joined him on a trip, Prince Louis, four months, is yet […]