Camera traps designed for animals are now invading human privacy

Enlarge / A camera trap working properly. (credit: Flickr user: NationalZoo) Over the past two decades automated wildlife cameras—known as camera traps—have proven invaluable in ecological research and conservation management. Their sensitive motion detectors have enabled scientific surveys of rare or shy animals in dense forest and as a consequence have seen broader use around […]

Porous silk fiber traps heat, hides a rabbit from IR camera

Enlarge / Polar bear fur insulates even when wet. (credit: Mario Hoppmann) Personal heating products have always scared me. The idea of getting into a bed with an electric blanket appeals about as much as a romantic bath with my toaster. So when researchers propose a shirt that you plug in to the mains, my response […]

Su-30 pilot who covered Putin’s plane in Syria: Jets were ‘heat traps’ for possible enemy missiles

Published time: 16 Dec, 2017 21:19 One of the Su-30SM pilots who covered Vladimir Putin’s plane on his recent trip to Syria opened up on the mission. The jets were “heat traps” ready to take possible enemy missiles upon themselves, he said. “In this case, the task was to meet [the Russian President’s plane] and […]

Honey traps and hackers: MP pens fantasy letter of Russia to Boris Johnson ahead of Moscow trip

Honey traps, hacks and sleep deprivation tactics could be used against Boris Johnson in Russia, a paranoid MP has warned… by writing a public letter in a national newspaper. The British foreign secretary is set to meet his counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, on Friday as Downing Street sends a top minister to Moscow for the first […]

Building wealth starts with out-thinking your emotions — here are 5 mental traps standing in your way

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty “Dollars and Sense,” by behavioral economist Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler explains that people tend to approach money irrationally. But to build wealth, we have to out-think our emotions. To do it, we have to be aware of psychological pitfalls like “opportunity costs” and the “endowment effect.” Saving money is notoriously harder than […]

Tartarus traps you in a space ship and forces a cook to pull a Scotty

Tatarus is a first-person sci-fi survival game with an unlikely hero: Cooper, a part-time cook on a mining ship in space. It’s from the Istanbul-based indie studio Abyss Gameworks, and it will be out on November 21 for PC. Something has gone awry aboard the Tartarus, and you and systems engineer Andrews are the only ones […]

20 tourist traps in Europe to avoid — and where to go instead

Shutterstock/S.Borisov Some tourist traps are obvious — you know, like anything that’s advertised on billboards on the side of highways. But others are a little more subtle, whether it’s bad vantage points of must-see sights, or else well-known attractions that are simply devastatingly disappointing. Either way, sometimes it’s best to get off the beaten path and avoid some […]

4-alarm fire traps people in Honolulu high-rise – reports

Published time: 15 Jul, 2017 02:44 Edited time: 15 Jul, 2017 02:49 Firefighters are battling a massive four-alarm fire in a condominium building in Honolulu, Hawaii. Two people have reportedly been hospitalized in serious condition. As of 4:45pm local time (10:45pm Eastern) the flames continued to spread to multiple floors. More than 60 firefighters have […]

How to get rid of mice in the house WITHOUT using traps or poisons

The house mouse ranges between 60-90mm – the tail an additional 100mm – weighs less than 25g, and is light brown and grey in colour.  Their presence is usually detected from their dark-coloured droppings and damage to stored foods in the larder, packaging or woodwork.  Mouse nests are often built inside houses, often in places […]