Ivanka Trump wins 16 Chinese trademarks despite shutting down her business

Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Lord & Taylor Ivanka Trump’s brand won a slew of new Chinese trademarks in October despite its doors being closed in July. The trademarks were filed for everything from umbrellas to sausages. Critics warn that the trademarks raise questions of continued conflicts of interest. Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter and […]

Game developers will benefit from court ruling on trademarks in artistic works

GUEST: In a move that will likely benefit game developers, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit explicitly held that First Amendment protection extends to use of third-party trademarks in the commercial promotion of an artistic work. Although promotional activities fall outside the title or body of the artistic work, the court held […]

BMW trademarks iX3 and other possible electric SUV badges

We’ve already seen a glimpse of BMW’s electric vehicle plans. Most recently, the company showcased its Vision Dynamics Concept, which could use the i5 moniker when a production version comes our way in 2021. The company also confirmed an electric Mini and BMW X3. Now, as Auto Express reports, trademark applications from BMW suggest further […]

Supreme Court rules: Offensive trademarks must be allowed

Enlarge / Portrait of Asian-American band The Slants (L-R: Joe X Jiang, Ken Shima, Tyler Chen, Simon ‘Young’ Tam) in Old Town Chinatown, Portland, Oregon, in 2015. (credit: Anthony Pidgeon via Getty Images) The Supreme Court held today that the government can’t refuse to register trademarks because some may find the trademarked words offensive. The […]

Russia renewed 6 Trump trademarks while interfering in the 2016 election — 4 were approved on Election Day

Adam Berry/Getty Images A New York Times investigation found that Russia renewed 6 Trump trademarks in 2016 The trademarks were approved for renewal while Russia was actively meddling in the US election Trump has repeatedly said he has no more business dealings with Russia, but intellectual property law experts told The Times that unused trademarks can hold […]

Jaguar Land Rover Trademarks 29 Nameplates, Including “XJS” and “Landy”

– Only a couple of months removed from protecting its Defender model name from adventure-mobile maker Bombardier, Jaguar Land Rover is putting more possible model names under its net. As first reported by Autoguide, Jaguar Land Rover has filed 29 trademarks since March 13. – The trademarks reveal some new monikers and unearth some we’ve seen before. On the […]

China is defending the 38 Trump trademarks it recently approved

Joe Raedle/Getty Images SHANGHAI (AP) — China on Thursday defended its handling of 38 trademarks it recently approved provisionally for President Donald Trump, saying it followed the law in processing the applications at a pace that some experts view as unusually quick. Democrats in Congress were critical of Trump after The Associated Press reported Wednesday […]