Why is nobody visiting Rwenzori, home of Africa’s spectacular secret summits?

Tayla Gentle March 2, 2018 Share this article Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains are home to six of Africa’s 10 tallest peaks. But where Kilimanjaro welcomes some 50,000 hikers every year, Rwenzori barely breaks 1,000. Welcome to the home of Africa’s secret summits.  The oldest person to summit Uganda’s Margherita Peak was a Canadian woman named Beryl […]

GamesBeat Summit’s lightning round’s message: ‘You matter, your work matters’

You don’t always need a ton of time to get your point across. The cure for sequelitis. Expanding gaming to India. Finding motivation to keep making games in a scary world. These are some important points brought up during GamesBeat Summit 2017’s Lightning Round. In Berkley, California, five game professionals took the stage to make cases for topics important to […]