‘Potentially thousands’ of child slaves forced to work on illegal London cannabis farms

Children are being trafficked from Vietnam and other countries to perform slave labour on hundreds of cannabis farms across London, experts have warned. New figures released on Monday expose the scale of illegal cannabis farming in the British capital, where police said they had found 314 farms since 2016 — the equivalent of one every […]

‘Satan’s Slaves’ Review: The Scariest Film Of 2018 You Haven’t Heard Of Yet [What The Fest?! 2018]

Satan’s Slaves reminds me of Babak Anvari’s Under The Shadow – two piss-yourself-scary stories so deeply rooted in overseas culture and indigenous circumstance. Joko Anwar’s Indonesian monstrosity does not mess around, readers. Within minutes you’ll be hit with the first of many paranormal punches that land like Manny Pacquiao on a speed bag, one after […]

Thou shall not turn people into robot slaves: Priest & govt adviser writes ‘10 Commandments of AI’

Ten commandments to protect humans from potential abuses from Artificial Intelligence have been issued by a Church of England Bishop. The Rt Rev the Lord Bishop of Oxford sits on the House of Lords select committee on AI. While AI is often hailed as the future of economic development, there are many who are more […]

Uber partners with anti-human trafficking organizations to help drivers report suspected sex slaves

Uber is teaming up with a number of anti-human trafficking organizations to help drivers spot sexual slavery victims, or those who are being held captive or forced into labor against their will. To mark Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the ride-hailing giant is working with the Polaris Project, a nonprofit that works to combat modern-day slavery, […]

Young Marx and The Slaves Of Solitude review: Vivid portraits and an eye for period detail

According to Richard Bean and Clive Coleman, the joint authors of Young Marx, it does so within the same play.  Young Marx is set in 1850, a fallow period in Marx’s life, two years after the publication of the Communist Manifesto and 17 years before the first volume of Das Kapital.  He and his family […]

Ben Carson clarifies remarks on slaves as immigrants, calls them ‘two entirely different experiences’

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Ben Carson clarified statements he made on Monday in which he seemed to describe African slaves as immigrants. In a statement issued Monday night on his Facebook page, Carson said: “The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced […]