Man-eating bears ‘besieging’ Siberian villages – official

Published time: 16 Oct, 2017 17:50 Large bears have killed two people in Russia already this fall with a lack of food, making the animals increasingly aggressive and dangerous. Authorities in the country’s far-east have had to shoot 83 bears as a result – a three-fold increase on previous years. Two men, a hunter and […]

Siberian adventure: Putin takes short break to spearfish, hike & sunbathe (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 5 Aug, 2017 04:55 Edited time: 5 Aug, 2017 05:11 Vladimir Putin has spent more than two hours chasing a giant pike in one of the lakes in Tyva Republic during his brief Siberian vacation in the form of an intense 2-day hiking and camping trip, where the Russian president once again showcased […]

Maria Sharapova PICTURED: The Siberian Siren's hottest snaps as she plays Italian Open

Maria, 30, is one of the most talked about female tennis players in the world with a reputation that precedes her – not only thanks to her talent but also her stunning looks.  Unfortunately more recently she’s been not been hitting headlines for her talent on the court; Maria was recently handed a two year […]

Watch Siberian wonder boy lift heavy weights to dad’s delight (VIDEO)

Published time: 17 May, 2017 14:15 Four-year-old Zhenya from the Russian city of Irkutsk shot to fame this V-day when he swung a 4kg (8.8lb) weight 117 times at a public contest. Son of a professional power lifter, Zhenya took a shining to the sport when he accompanied his dad and older sister Yana to […]

Siberian monster truck: New all-terrain vehicle tested near Chelyabinsk (VIDEO)

Published time: 9 Mar, 2017 06:28 A formidable-looking amphibious all-terrain vehicle was tested on Wednesday in Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region. The massive truck is designed to cross the extreme terrain of Siberia and the Russian North, and can even float. Read more The TGM-126, which combines the functions of a civilian vehicle with that of an […]