The average starter home in New York City has shrunk to the size of four parking spots

Modern Spaces The cost of an average starter home in New York City ranges from $ 400,000 to $ 800,000, according to StreetEasy.  Starter homes in NYC have shrunk by 9% in the last three years, the real estate marketplace found. The median square footage for a Manhattan home is now equal to that of […]

Disney Eyeing Reboots of ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,’ ‘Father of the Bride’ and ‘The Parent Trap’

Disney already has all hands on deck for live-action remakes of their classic animated movies. We’ve already seen the likes of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book hit theaters and Aladdin, Dumbo, Mulan, Pinocchio, and The Lion King are on the way. But it sounds like Disney is running out of animated movies […]

Weight loss: Man lost five stone FAST and shrunk belly fat following THIS simple diet plan

Sharing his weight loss transformation before and after pictures to Reddit, ‘percinick’, 24, explained how he lost five stone in just over three months. After commenters questioned how lost the weight, he said: “I just started eating really clean. “I reduced my carb intake to 20 carbs per day, calories was between 1400-1700 per day […]

HPE has shrunk so much it’s abandoning its iconic Palo Alto campus to move in with a company it acquired (HPE, HPQ)

Two years after the breaking up of Hewlett-Packard Co, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is selling its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. After years of layoffs and restructuring, the company will consolidate some of its Silicon Valley offices.  HPE will move its headquarters to the HPE Aruba office in Santa Clara. The office was recently built to house the team at Aruba, […]

Here's What The Cast Of “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” Looks Like Now

Taylor’s career is nothing short of prolific. He’s done voice work for The Smurfs, DuckTales, Superman, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Darkwing Duck, Batman: The Animated Series, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, The Incredible Hulk, and Pinky and the Brain. He’s appeared in Arachnophobia, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, and High School Musical 2 — to name […]

EPA official says the agency has shrunk to Reagan-era levels

Thomson Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The workforce at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is on course to fall to its lowest level since Ronald Reagan was president, an agency official said on Tuesday. In June, the EPA unveiled a buyout program that would contribute to the biggest cuts of any federal agency in President Donald […]

National monuments’ land to be shrunk, angering conservation groups

The US Interior Department plans to scale back or eliminate national monuments, despite an outpouring of public condemnation for the policy set forth by an executive order by President Donald Trump. US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke delivered the recommendations to the president’s desk on Thursday, following a 120-day study of 27 national monuments. Zinke released […]

Poundland launch budget Toblerone – in size popular chocolate was BEFORE it shrunk

The makers of Toblerone, Mondelez International, faced harsh criticism last year when they reduced the weight of the much-loved bar without reducing the price. It was thought they did so after the Brexit announcement – a claim the company strongly denied. But fans were left disappointed by the shrinking chocolate, and now Poundland have stepped […]

‘Organs shrunk to half normal size’: Belgian parents convicted after baby starved to death

A Belgian court has convicted parents whose baby died of malnutrition and dehydration after being given an alternative lactose- and gluten-free diet. The seven-month-old boy’s organs shrank to half their size, and his stomach was empty. The death of the baby boy, Lucas, was “the result of the systematic offer of food which was not […]