Rick and Morty season 4: Characters return to screens soon in brand new collab

Rick and Morty season four is on a midseason break but will at some point this year. US network Adult Swim gave the series a 70-episode renewal back in 2018 so there’s plenty more to come. Now, it has been revealed exactly when Rick and Morty will be back on screens. Season four of Rick […]

Fortnite Week 3 Secret Battle Star location and Season 7 hidden Snowfall Loading Screens

A new wave of challenges are now available to take on and complete in Fortnite Season 7 For those that aren’t aware, Epic Games launches seven Battle Royale challenges each week, and sometimes they throw in a secret battle star to sweeten the pot. To do this, players must complete all seven challenges released today, […]

Searching: You’ve never seen Windows XP and load screens like this

Ars chats up the team behind Searching. Click here for transcript. (video link) Searching may seem like a pass on paper: yet another thriller that plays out on computer screens. From Unfriended to Modern Family, viewers have seen this schtick before. To potentially complicate matters further, this one comes from a brand-new director. But Aneesh Chaganty […]

Fortnite hidden loading screens: ALL Road Trip secret Battle Star locations REVEALED

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 is here, complete with a list of brand new weekly challenges. As part of the big Season 5 update, Epic Games has made three of the weekly challenges available for free and the other four challenges exclusive to Battle Pass users. The challenges are separated into hard and regular tiers […]

Critics are calling out Facebook’s new ‘permission screens,’ saying they’re intentionally designed to be confusing

Getty Facebook now needs to ask your permission to use your data to target ads or turn on face recognition in Europe. It’s a requirement that’s part of a new EU privacy law called GDPR. But Facebook provides no simple button to “decline” permission, although there’s a big blue “accept” option. The button labeled “manage […]

Telenav Wants to Put Ads on Automotive Infotainment Screens

– Advertisements are everywhere. They’re surrounding this article, they’re on Twitter, they fill mailboxes, they’re strategically placed above urinals, they’re on NBA jerseys, they’re tucked into playlists—and soon they’ll be striped across the infotainment touchscreens in cars. Telenav, a company that specializes in navigation and connected-car services, has built a platform to support advertising in automotive […]

Airlines are ditching seatback screens and making you use your phone to watch movies (DAL, AAL, UAL, ALK)

Shutterstock Airlines are beginning to remove seatback screens from aircraft. They’re doing this because travelers are increasingly favoring laptops, phones, and tablets to seatback screens, which are expensive and add weight to the aircraft. Instead, airlines are making entertainment options available to passengers on their personal devices. Airlines are beginning to remove the seatback screens […]