The Walking Dead season 10: Alpha star teases ‘scarier and more shocking’ part B

Scott continued: “I was hoping that audiences would be intrigued and want to see what all that [his exit] was about, which I feel is basically what happened. “I was pretty nervous about that, but I feel that Rick is a gigantic part of the show and he has a gigantic story, and that story […]

Veronica on Netflix: ‘TRUE STORY’ behind horror movie is even scarier

The film takes its cues from the so-called Vallecas case, which took place in a small suburb in Madrid. It’s the only police report which is, according to The Sun, marked as “unexplained”. It revolves around a teenage girl named Estafania Gutierrez Lazaro, who died suddenly in August 1991 – with her parents convinced it […]

It movie Chapter 2: Pennywise star reveals why horror sequel will be even SCARIER

The adaptation of Stephen King’s novel was a huge box office success upon its release last month, and Chapter 2 should be along in 2019. Speaking to IGN, Skarsgard said that the sequel will simply follow more adult characters, and get more into the “psychological aspects of horror”. Long story short, it’ll be scarier than […]

It movie: Pennywise actor's creepy smile is even scarier WITHOUT clown make-up

The 27-year-old Swedish star is seen in full clown make-up when he plays the disturbing menace in the horror film, but that smile is somewhat chilling even without all the paint. In fact, something about seeing Skarsgard doing it in his ‘normal’ mode is even more disturbing. Promoting the movie with Swedish radio station PP3, […]

Shawn Levy Says a Scarier ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Has “The Best Heart”

Stranger Things season 2 has been called bigger, more ambitious, and scarier. There aren’t too many scares in season one, as I recall, but producer Shawn Levy says parts of the new season are going to make “the Demogorgon look quaint.” Matt and Ross Duffer‘s Netflix series also isn’t going to give into fan service, like bringing back a dead character because she’s […]

Star Wars news: 'Han Solo movie is SCARIER than Game of Thrones' says Emilia Clarke – WHY?

As if appearing in one global cultural phenomenon was enough, the British actress is now set to headline two of them. Clarke already stars as Danaerys Stormborn on HBO’s enormous small screen titan Game of Thrones but has been cast in the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo standalone movie. Although she regularly kills (and sometimes […]