Ron DeSantis said the migrants he flew to Martha’s Vineyard ‘hit the jackpot’ — but immigration experts say the stunt more closely resembles a ‘different shade of family separation’

A mother and child spent some time outside the St. Andrew's Parrish House where migrants were being fed lunch with donated food from the community. Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended his decision to fly dozens of migrants from Texas to Martha's Vineyard. Over the weekend, he […]

Pokémon Go creators launch AR-game contest that (nearly) resembles American Idol

Enlarge (credit: Niantic) How could Niantic, the leading developers of Pokémon Go, possibly top its augmented-reality (AR) gaming sensation? Today’s announcement from the studio hints at its future strategy: find someone else to do it. The Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest talks up a prize pool of more than $ 1 million, but the real […]

Ice-Scream: You won’t believe what THIS frozen river in Russia resembles

Most rivers when frozen over offer a picturesque winter scene. But one photo has shocked the internet with its chilling resemblance to a horror movie figure. The photo of Irtysh River in Russia has been posted on Imgur. This frozen river looks like a ghoul – or a scream mask. The resemblance is striking – […]

Barley recognizable: Resurrected 5,000yo Chinese beer resembles oatmeal

A group of US students have taken craft brewing to a whole new level after recreating a 5,000 year old Chinese beer recipe. [embedded content] The antiquated formula was discovered by students from Stanford Archaeology Center on the inside of pottery containers, during an excavation in northeast China. The recipe contains some elements of modern […]