TV’s Harley Quinn Set Stage for Birds of Prey: Playing Without Joker Is Aces

RELATED STORIES One of the exciting things about the upcoming Birds of Prey movie is getting to see Harley Quinn on her own, instead of as Joker’s sidekick. But if you can’t wait, there’s already a series that portrays just that: DC Universe’s Harley Quinn. The adult animated series, which premiered on the DC Universe streaming […]

Harley Quinn Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Dishes Out Big Bangs! Pows! Thunks! as Gotham’s Infamous Queenpin

“Big bang” takes on a whole new meaning for Kaley Cuoco in her upcoming animated series Harley Quinn, a new trailer for which was released Saturday night in conjunction with the DC Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Mouthing off as Gotham’s saucy queenpin, infamously played by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad, Cuoco, who is […]

Harley Quinn: Here’s when Margot Robbie will RETURN as Suicide Squad favourite

Today, news is abound that Kaley Cuoco will voice the iconic character in a new DC TV series, but what of the big screen? Robbie played Harley in Suicide Squad and, despite the film receiving generally poor reviews, she went down well with fans and critics alike. Birds of Prey is currently in the works […]

Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie reveals the REAL reason she agreed to play Harley Quinn

The Australian performer played the comic book favourite in Suicide Squad, becoming a strongly-reviewed element of an otherwise lambasted movie. Speaking to Variety in a video shared on Twitter, she said it was a fondness for one particular project from director David Ayer that won her over. “End Of Watch was one of my favourite […]

Homeland: Quinn Will 'Color Carrie's Every Thought' — 2018 FIRST LOOK

Yes, Quinn is gone. But forgotten? Pshaw. Not by a long-shot. When Homeland returns with Season 7 on Feb. 11 (9/8c, Showtime), “Quinn’s death and Carrie’s grief for him are everywhere – coloring her every thought,” shares co-creator and showrunner Alex Gansa of Rupert Friend’s dearly departed, death-defying hitman, who perished in the Season 6 finale. Gansa […]

Margot Robbie is Working on Another ‘Harley Quinn’ Movie – No, Not That One

With Suicide Squad 2, Gotham City Sirens, and a Joker and Harley spin-off in the works, Harley Quinn is about to be all over our big screens. And Margot Robbie says you can add one more Harley-centric project to your bucket list: a solo movie. As one of the breakout characters of David Ayer‘s massively uneven Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn has […]

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn ADULTS-ONLY Suicide Squad project: BAD news for the Joker

She blew everybody else off the screen in Suicide Squad. Although the movie received mixed reactions, Robbie’s explosive turn as the psychotic villain stole the show. A new movie, Gotham City Sirens is already in pre-production, with fellow bad girls Poison Ivy and Catwoman. But a sexy adult television series is also on the way. […]

Superhero Bits: Justice League Kills Marvel Characters, New Harley Quinn Animated Series & More

Who is on Justice League‘s B-team? Where is a new Harley Quinn animated series heading? What did Henry Cavill think about Joss Whedon‘s take on Superman? What did some of the Justice League deleted scenes include? How much has Thor: Ragnarok made after just a few weeks at the box office? Why is Justice League […]

Harley Quinn Animated Series Ordered for DC's Upcoming Streaming Service

Harley Quinn is ready for her close-up. The iconic Batman villain, regularly seen catering to the Joker’s every whim, is finally getting her own solo animated series, our sister site Deadline reports. The half-hour action-comedy Harley Quinn, which will feature appearances by some of Harley’s villain friends (and frenemies), has received a 26-episode order and […]