Mon dieu! French police pee against Qatari embassy (PHOTO)

Qatar won’t be happy to learn that a group of French cops decided to pee against the wall of its embassy in Paris during a break from their protest policing duties, as spotted by an RT reporter. The embarrassing moment was captured on Saturday as authorities in France’s capital were busy dealing with Yellow Vest […]

Michael Cohen reportedly met with another Qatari government official, days before the FBI raided his office

Yana Paskova/Getty Images Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, met with a senior Qatari official in Florida last month, just days before the FBI raided Cohen’s home and office. It’s unclear what was discussed at the meeting with Qatar’s minister of economy and commerce. A Qatari Embassy spokesman said Cohen requested the meeting, but […]

UAE says Qatari fighter jets flew dangerously close to 2 civilian aircraft

Paul Farley/US Navy via Wikimedia Commons Two Qatari fighter jets flew dangerously close to two civilian aircraft from the United Arab Emirates, according to UAE’s state news agency. UAE deemed it a “provocative action.” The UAE aircraft was forced to fly at a higher altitude. Two Qatari fighter jets flew dangerously close to two civilian […]

Al-Nusra terrorists may have received Syria ‘aid’ sent to rebels by Qatar, US, Saudis – Qatari ex-FM

Some of the military aid sent to the Syrian opposition by Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US may have ended up in the hands of Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra terrorists, the Qatari foreign minister has admitted. The revelations, which are the first of their kind to emerge, were contained in a statement by Hamad bin Jassim […]

‘Policy of intransigence’: Qatari FM slams Saudi-led bloc's demands as violating intl law

Qatar’s foreign minister has accused the four Arab countries which have severed ties with Doha of violating international law and pursuing a policy of intransigence. It comes just a day after the foreign ministers of the four nations gathered for a meeting in Manama. Read more Following Sunday’s meeting in Bahrain’s capital, the Arab quartet […]

Saudi Demands to End Qatari Diplomatic Dispute Include the Closure of Al Jazeera

The intricacies of the ongoing diplomatic shitfight between Qatar and its Middle Eastern neighbors are rather beyond the remit of Flavorwire — we’re not a hard news site, after all — but at least one aspect of the dispute may have a direct effect on the areas of culture that we do cover. According to the Guardian, […]

Gulf States launch humanitarian hotline for mixed Qatari families

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE have launched hotlines for mixed Qatari families affected by the blockade on Qatar. This comes after Amnesty International slammed the Gulf States for separating families amid the political dispute. The Saudi Foreign Ministry announced a hotline for the affected families on Sunday, Saudi Arabia Arab News newspaper reports.  READ […]

Erdogan pledges ’full support to Qatari brothers’ amid Gulf crisis

Published time: 10 Jun, 2017 04:49 The Turkish President has promised to continue supporting Qatar after Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed ties with tiny but resource-rich emirate, accusing Doha of funding terrorist organizations. Read more “Now, there are ones who are bothered because of us being together with our Qatari brothers or sending […]

UAE threatens Qatari sympathizers with jail terms up to 15yrs after diplomatic rift

Published time: 7 Jun, 2017 08:28 UAE subjects may be punished by a jail term of up to 15 years for expressing sympathies for Qatar, the Emirati Attorney General warned after key Arab states cut ties with Doha. Even tweeting criticism against the UAE’s anti-Qatar stance may be punished. “Strict and firm action will be […]