Psych 2 Adds Million Little Things’ Allison Miller, Sarah Chalke, Others

RELATED STORIES A Million Little Things fans tuning in for the Psych 2 will do a double take, seeing as Allison Miller — who plays Maggie to James Roday’s Gary on the ABC drama — has been revealed as part of the TV-movie sequel’s cast. Also on board for Psych 2, per our sister site […]

Bots on Amazon’s task service may be souring psych studies

It’s not uncommon for scientists to use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for research — they can quickly gather survey data in return for a small outlay to participants. Academics are quickly discovering the limits of the task service with the modern bot-happy internet, however. Numerous psychology researchers have reported a sharp rise in the number of […]

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Psych, Lucifer, Originals, Bold Type, Suits, Handmaid's, Younger, Casual, Killjoys and More!

Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to Question: Bummed to hear Psych: The Sequel is on hold, but excited that a second movie is in-the-works. Know anything about the plot? —KevinAusiello: It’s bigger, it’s sillier, it’s… Lassiter-er. According to sources, Timothy Omundson — who, save for […]

Forced psych admission was suggested for Parkland shooter in 2016 – report

Calls for Florida teen Nikolas Cruz to be put in a mental hospital were ignored more than a year before he gunned down 17 former classmates and teachers. The new report adds to the string of official failings before the massacre. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and the Broward County sheriff’s office both […]

Psych Star James Roday Nabs Lead Role in Million Little Things Pilot at ABC

Gus is going to be apoplectic when he hears about this: Psych vet James Roday will soon be hanging out with a new group of friends as one of the stars of A Million Little Things, ABC’s Big Chill-esque drama pilot from writer DJ Nash (Up All Night). RELATEDPilot Season ’18: Scoop on This Fall’s (Possible) New Shows, […]

Quotes of the Week: Psych, The Gifted, Flash, Will & Grace, Big Bang and More

All good things must come to an end — including Quotes of the Week. Although our annual Quotes of the Year roundup is slated for later this month, we’ve already reached the final compilation of new TV dialogue for 2017. That thing about time flying when you’re having fun? We can confirm it’s true.  This […]

Psych: The Movie: Who Returned for Revenge? And How Did It All End?

Three years have passed since Shawn Spencer’s engagement ring was stolen (mid-proposal!) in the series finale of USA Network’s Psych — and wouldn’t you know, he still hasn’t gotten that darn rock back. In fact, Shawn’s lack of a ring — and lack of an engagement, for that matter — was a running theme throughout Thursday’s Psych: […]

Judge orders psych exam for man charged with death threat to lawmaker over net neutrality

A New York man accused of threatening to kill a Republican US congressman and his family for not supporting net neutrality will undergo a court-ordered psychological exam before a judge decides whether to keep him in custody during pretrial proceedings. On Friday, US Magistrate Judge Therese Wiley Dancks of the Northern District of New York, […]

Your Guide to TV's 150+ Reboots and Revivals: American Idol, The Munsters, Roseanne, Psych, The Jetsons and More

The era of #PeakTV is still very much upon us, and it’s had an interesting side effect: Instead of feeling emotional while watching a show’s series finale, our reaction these days is, “How long until it gets revived?” Broadcast networks, premium cablers and streaming platforms have all become fond of reviving or rebooting long-gone series […]

The Risk That Survives a Psych Ward Stay

When patients are discharged from hospitals, it usually means they’ve recovered sufficiently to resume their daily lives. But that’s not the case for patients released from psychiatric facilities. According to a new meta-analysis in JAMA Psychiatry: The suicide rate for former psychiatric inpatients is 44 times higher than that of the general population — regardless […]