How New The Munsters Actor Jeff Daniel Phillips Honors The Great Fred Gwynne [Exclusive]

“The Munsters” is one of those old-school ’60s sitcoms that couch potatoes of a certain age watched and rewatched throughout their formative years. We absorbed these shows’ quirks and themes and catchphrases so completely that the merest of references can trigger a flood of childhood memories. They weren’t the acme of broadcast art, but they […]

Your Guide to TV's 150+ Reboots and Revivals: American Idol, The Munsters, Roseanne, Psych, The Jetsons and More

The era of #PeakTV is still very much upon us, and it’s had an interesting side effect: Instead of feeling emotional while watching a show’s series finale, our reaction these days is, “How long until it gets revived?” Broadcast networks, premium cablers and streaming platforms have all become fond of reviving or rebooting long-gone series […]