Fractal structure produces fractal electrons with fractal energies

Fractals are a source of endless fascination to me. Life itself relies on many of the concepts of fractals: trees are fractal, as are feathers, coast lines, and many other things in nature. Indeed, it was the realization that landscapes are fractal that made modern animated films possible. But, what about fractional dimensions in quantum […]

There’s a type of spider that produces milk for its babies because evolution is wild

portioid/iNaturalist CC BY-SA 4.0 Researchers in China studied Toxeus magnus, a species of jumping spider, and discovered that its mothers nursed babies with their own secreted “milk.” The milk has about four times the amount of protein typically found in cow’s milk. Scientists believe the female spiders developed this ability in response to food shortages […]

There’s a 30-person college in the California desert where students work off their tuition on a cattle ranch — and it produces Rhodes Scholars and Pulitzer Prize winners

Deep Springs College Facebook Deep Springs College is a two-year school with only 12 to 15 students per class. Student attend for free, but must work 20 hours a week to pay their way. Students hold jobs on the farm and ranch, and cook, clean, and maintain vehicles. Deep Springs College is a tiny 30-person-or-less […]

Small Bike, Huge Impact: Honda Produces 100 Millionth Super Cub!

– If you were to ask the average casual American motorist which vehicle currently in production is the single most significant product in Honda’s history, the answer would likely be the Civic or the Accord. Ask a bike nerd, and you’ll get the correct answer: the inimitable Super Cub motorcycle, first introduced in 1958. After […]

‘Most unique piece in history of sports’ – WBC produces 3,360-diamond ‘Money Belt’ for MayMac

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has crafted a custom ‘Money Belt’ encrusted with 3,360 diamonds to be contested between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in their megafight this Saturday. Dubbed “the most unique piece ever made in the history of all sports,” the belt’s face is made from 1.5kg of 24 carat gold, 600 sapphires, […]

Lunar camera whacked by ‘speeding bullet’ meteorite produces ‘jittery’ pictures

Published time: 29 May, 2017 21:59 NASA scientists were stumped when the usually impeccable camera on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter produced a “wild and jittery” photo of the moon’s surface. The unusual photo features a squiggly pattern that the NASA team didn’t initially understand. They quickly figured out, however, that the orbiter must have been […]

Our galaxy produces 1013kg of antimatter a second—how?

Enlarge / That sharp red line is the high-energy radiation coming from our own galaxy, some of which is produced by the annihilation of antimatter. (credit: NASA/DOE/Fermi LAT Collaboration) Antimatter is rare in this Universe, but the Universe is a pretty big place, so even small quantities can add up fast. In our galaxy alone, […]

Russia threatened to use nukes? US commission produces wildest claims in push for military buildup

The Helsinki Commission has gotten creative on the notorious “Russian threat,” pinning the blame for the death of an OSCE observer in Ukraine on Moscow and claiming it threatened to use “tactical nuclear weapons” – all while calling for more arms and troops on the Russian border. Members of the US government commission, officially known […]

Tony Bellew produces big upset to defeat David Haye in thrilling heavyweight showdown

GETTY Tony Bellew ended David Haye’s resilience in the eleventh round But this was also a bizarre battle as Bellew forced Haye’s corner to throw in the towel after the Londoner hobbled around the ring with a suspected snapped Achilles following a sixth-round slip. This was dramatic from the first bell but it almost turned […]