The 27+ Best Joe Rogan Podcasts of All Time that You Must Listen To

This article was originally published at Joe Rogan has become something of a household name with hosting the UFC fights and Netflix stand up comedy specials. But what started more than a decade ago as nothing more than a comedian getting high with friends and recording his authentic, unfiltered and thought provoking conversations has […]

A few of our favorite podcasts in 2018, from new to new-to-us

Enlarge / Enjoy our favorite podcast discoveries of the year on your favorite generic “what kind of phone is that” device. (credit: Emilija Manevska / Getty Images) Here at Ars Technica, we love our fair share of podcasts, including our own. That doesn’t mean we do a great job covering the podcasting world, in part […]

Your brand is ignoring its most captive audience — here’s why podcasts should be the go-to channel for your next ad campaign (KRW)

This is a preview of The Podcast Report from Business Insider Intelligence. Current subscribers can read the report here. The number of US podcast consumers has more than doubled in the past decade — and there’s still a long runway for growth. And the podcast listenership base continues to grow in the US amid declines in […]

11 of the best pop culture podcasts you need to listen to

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images With the recent explosion of podcasts, it seems like there’s something out there for everyone, whether you’re interested in true crime or want to learn more about science or the world’s religions. But sometimes, you just want to hear more from your favorite celebrities, and if that’s what you’re into, there are […]

Google Podcasts rolls out Cast support for everyone

When Google finally launched its dedicated Podcasts app for Android (an iOS version hasn’t been released yet), we found it “pretty, but basic.” The only way to turn around that reputation is to actually flesh out its list of features, and now that includes Google Cast support. With the button it’s easier to tie in […]

Alexa Routines can now include music and podcasts

Amazon launched Alexa Routines last year and they let users set up a list of automated smart home actions that can be triggered with a simple command. For example, “Alexa, good morning,” could launch a Routine that turns on the lights, reports the weather forecast, reads news briefings and starts the coffee maker. Missing from […]

You can finally listen to podcasts on your Apple Watch without having an iPhone around (AAPL)

Apple Watch users haven’t been able to listen to podcasts via the device unless they’ve had an iPhone nearby. That’s because Apple has yet to release a podcast app for the Apple Watch, and it’s limited developers’ ability to create their own podcast apps. But two developers recently released new — if imperfect — apps […]