Big Bang Theory plot hole: Huge error with Sheldon and Penny’s hospital trip exposed

And even if she knew she was going to be, surely the time it’d take for her to pick her outfit and Sheldon to drive would have been ample enough for an ambulance to arrive? Penny’s also well aware Sheldon’s driving skills leave a lot to be desired. A stickler for the rules, Sheldon adheres […]

The Big Bang Theory: Fans expose major plot hole in Amy and Penny’s strange painting

The post began: “So, I am really hooked and I’ve watched the entire series many times. And I just spotted this plot hole.” The viewer went on to explain that if we go back a bit in season 10 to episode 10, Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon argue over who will get what in […]

Loose Women DRAMA as Andrea McLean is forced to BREAK UP Janet and Penny’s drugs row

The two sparring Loose Women panelists locked horns when discussing the idea of legalising drugs.  Penny, 46, was fearful over illegal substances becoming the norm, claiming that they stay in the body for longer than alcohol.  Janet, however, suggested that the use of drugs hasn’t seen any decline during the years it has been banned, […]