Loose Women DRAMA as Andrea McLean is forced to BREAK UP Janet and Penny’s drugs row

The two sparring Loose Women panelists locked horns when discussing the idea of legalising drugs. 

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Penny, 46, was fearful over illegal substances becoming the norm, claiming that they stay in the body for longer than alcohol. 

Janet, however, suggested that the use of drugs hasn’t seen any decline during the years it has been banned, concluding that the current system is defunct.

“Whether people go on to take drugs depends if they’ve gone to a dangerous level,” she explained.

”It depends if they’ve got an addictive personality and addictive personalities can apply to anything: it can apply to shopping, smoking – gambling, which is another huge problem in this country, especially with teenage boys.”

She continued: “I don’t condone people who want to take class a drugs to dangerous levels, but I dispute what Penny says because I don’t think some drugs, soft drugs, cause anymore harm than alcohol.”

“It stays in your body for way, way longer,” Penny stressed, before Janet furiously interrupted.

“No it doesn’t stay in your body for way, way longer Penny,” she squawked. “There’s all sort of different categories.”

Penny cried: “It does stay in your body for longer. Marijuana, weed stays in your body for two weeks; alcohol goes out of your body in a matter of hours.”

“Then why are hospitals clogged up with people with injuries and diseases caused by alcohol addiction?” groaned Janet. 

Andrea, 47, was forced to intervene and yelled: “You two don’t talk over each other, take turns!”

But Janet couldn’t help herself, and smirked: “Well Penny can just take over the show and share her point of view, but why don’t we ask Maya [Jama]?”

Also in today’s show, Ruth Langsford, 54, unveiled an X-rated video of herself whipping a “slave” while dressed in bondage gear

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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