Instagram-famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon taught us how to make desserts — here’s how we stacked up

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What a controversial pastry says about China’s economy

Gift or graft? MOONCAKES are among the most divisive treats. For some the chewy pastries are delicacies on which to gorge for the Mid-Autumn Festival, a Chinese holiday that falls this year on September 24th. For others they are dry, dense and full of calories. But for economists they are something else entirely: an indicator […]

The Chase: Bradley Walsh hysterical after player stripped NAKED covered in pastry

Bradley Walsh was forced to compose himself after a player’s story left him in tears. The team’s second hopeful, Elizabeth, was described as “chirpy” by today’s Chaser, Mark Labbett, also known as The Beast.  She explained that she had only started her job as Communications Manager the previous day. “And you’ve already had a day […]

Queen’s secret mince pie recipe shared by her pastry chef with one TRICK for perfect pies

The Queen, 91, oversees a huge Christmas celebration at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk each year. And now her pastry chef has revealed the secret recipe for one of the most popular elements of the season – the mince pies. But fans hoping to feast on a royal mince pie this year will be disappointed, […]

MasterChef UK viewers FUMING as contestant sails through after serving raw pastry

It had been a tough week for Imran as he was given a particularly challenging dish in the professional kitchen which saw him try to create the perfect spiral for his carrot and ginger purée.  As he battled through the service, fans were quick to joke about how all he seemed to be doing was […]